10 Beautiful Must Have Baby Change Baskets

A baby changing basket is a unique tool because it can be used on more than one occasion and doesn’t need to be cleaned between uses. Since it’s designed specifically for babies, clothing and diapers don’t get jumbled up in a heap – this helps prevent the accidental exposure of your little one to any unwanted germs or infections.

The number of styles and types of baby change baskets is limitless, but some will work better than others depending on your needs and personal preference; below are some of the ten most beautiful baby changing baskets.

Vegan baby change basket-Aglow

This basket comes in handy for parents who are vegan or vegetarian. Its lightweight, foldable design is convenient for on-the-go parents.

Baby carrier baby change basket

This type of change basket is designed to hold your tiny baby while giving you easy access to any needed items while wearing the baby carrier, such as your wallet and keys.

Portable changing basket with a foldable top

This unique changing pad allows wrap-around coverage that easily fits within the space of a large diaper bag by folding up along its side rails.

Persistent baby bags

These baby changing trays are intended for adults and are designed to fit over dresser drawers and shelves. Some can even be folded up and put away when not in use.

Diaper “changer” bag

These change baskets sit directly on the floor and have a built-in receptacle for storing dirty diapers. The bag is usually made of lightweight plastic fabric with a waterproof liner.

Diaper pail

This type of change basket is designed specifically for those who have small children. They are designed with safety features, such as a hinged lid that stays shut on its own and a “self-locking” lid. These are perfect for keeping your home smelling clean and fresh.

Briefcase diaper basket

Thisbaby changing baskettype is designed to be carried like a briefcase, with the padded changing pad folding out of the main storage compartment.

Bag with an insert

This changing basket is made to store in a giant tote bag, like a diaper bag or more relaxed. The insert can have built-in pockets for holding diapers, wipes and creams. It folds up easily when not in use.

Portable Changing pad-

This type of change basket is a waterproof cover, usually made of vinyl, designed to fit over the top of a changing pad that can be placed on any flat surface.

Changing desk-

This changing basket is made for use in an infant room or nursery. Not only are these pieces functional, but they are also stylish and decorative.


The modern world of parenting is becoming more and more complicated. There are many choices, from clothes to cribs and babychanging baskets. A good baby change basket can make the difference in how quickly you can get your little one changed after a diaper blowout or a quick potty break.

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