Flooring: Wood vs Ceramic


Both wooden and ceramic flooring have proven over the last few years their capabilities of showing any space or room it’s beauty, both of them has been developed so fast in terms of their features and reliability, also you can find a wide range of designs and colors for both in the market and through our website, but first let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of both so you can easily decide which of them to use if you are renovating:

Wooden flooring advantages

  1. The look and feel of the wood, you will always feel comfortable, cozy and it looks luxurious.
  1. Weather Temperature: whether it’s the weather is hot or cold the wood flooring does not transfer the temperature inside the house.
  1. Easy maintenance: they are not difficult to clean, you just need to sweep it to clean the dust, you can occasionally clean it with a special wood cleaner.
  1. Endless options: you have a variety of wood flooring to use whether thickness, patterns, colors or even types of wood.A good choice is Kahrs Flooring which is engineered wood flooring
  1. Easy to finish.
  1. Last for a long time.
  1. Easy to install.

Wooden flooring disadvantages

  1. It is not fireproof.
  1. If you have termite problems in your home then it is not recommended to have wooden flooring.
  1. It needs to be cleaned regularly as it may be affected from dust and avoid installing them in rooms exposed to moisture or water.
  1. Could be scratched easily, so it is not recommended if you have pets or active kids.
  1. Sometimes requires polishing or refinishing.

Ceramic flooring Advantages

  1. Easy to maintain: you can sweep it and clean it easily from dust and it does not require any special types of cleaning tools.
  1. It is waterproof, you can even use water in cleaning.
  1. Works as a good insulator and Fire proof.
  1. Affordable.
  1. Durable: it is tough and difficult to crack.
  1. Not allergic: it does not attract dust or any kind allergic attractions.
  1. No need to polish or refinish.
  1. Scratch resistant.
  1. Lasts for a long time.

Ceramic flooring disadvantages

  1. Uncomfortable: since it is a hard surface then it’s harder than wood in terms of standing or sitting, you will have to place some carpets on the tile if you have kids who like to play on the floor.
  1. Weather: tiles are easily affected by weather, whether hot or cold you will find the tiles are attracting the weather inside your home.
  1. It may be slipping if it’s wet which makes it dangerous.
  1. If something heavy falls on the floor it may break the tile which makes it hard to change it.
  1. Difficult to install.

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of both now you can choose between them what fits for the room or the space you are renovating based on the application and your preference.

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