Important facts about comprehensive car insurance


There is a lot of debate about the type of car insurance you should purchase. Most people would suggest you go for comprehensive insurance as it is an all-inclusive plan. You can understand it like an ultimate caregiver that protects your car from all possible threats and losses.  You can carry out a comprehensive car insurance comparison to get benefited from a wide range of services and add-ons with the comprehensive insurance that liberates you from all the stress related to any damage caused to you or third-party due to an unfortunate accident. Here are some facts about comprehensive car insurance that list general inclusions, exclusions, and add-ons with the policy.

What is included in comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive cover, as the name suggests, includes a wide spectrum of services and provides you financial assistance in many situations.

Accidental damage

This is the most obvious support you get from a comprehensive car insurance policy. It covers every small and big accident and serves with financial and legal aid in case of such regrettable incidents.

Car theft

Comprehensive insurance lends help in case of car theft. You need to set an appropriate insured declared value of the vehicle to ensure that you get the justified amount in case of theft.

Natural threats

Natural disasters are unpredictable and can cause significant damage to your car. Comprehensive insurance would pay for the repair and will also provide you sum according to the declared value of it.

Fire or vandalism

Public disturbances are not any less catastrophic than natural calamities. Sometimes these can cause more damage than any other threat. If you choose a comprehensive plan, it would cover such incidences like vandalism and fire.

Third-party losses

Sometimes an accident does not, fortunately, affect you but causes considerable damage to the third-party in the form of injury or property damage. Comprehensive plans would pay on your behalf to compensate third-party losses.

Personal injuries and death

This insurance plan also provides cover for any personal injury to the owner or driver including death and partial or complete disability.

Things not covered in comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance provides a complete 360-degree cover to assist you in all kinds of losses related to your car. However, there are some scenarios where the insurance will not render any help to you. These situations include the following.

Drunk driving

If an accident occurs when you are high and driving, the insurance plan offers no cover for the losses of any kind.

Driving without license

If you are charged for driving without a license or meet an accident while doing so, the insurance policy holds no responsibility for the losses.

Add-ons not included in the package

Comprehensive insurance can be ornamented with several add-ons providing additional benefits like roadside assistance etc. The insurer will not pay for any claim that is not included in your plan.

Contributory negligence

This includes cases, when you negligently put your car at risk, despite knowing the possible dangers. For instance, if you take out your car in the flood against the guidelines of the authorities, the insurance will not cover any damage.

Customizable add-ons with comprehensive insurance

You can opt for numerous add-ons with your comprehensive car insurance. The add-ons provided may be different for different insurance providers. Some common add-ons you can pick from to customize your plan are:

  • Zero depreciation cover
  • Roadside assistance
  • Engine and gearbox cover
  • Tire protection

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