Indians in Japan pleaded Indian government to rescue them from Japan in the pandemic


The number of COVID-19 positive cases is increasing and in the wake, the virus spread the government in India has imposed lockdown. Indians are stuck in Japan due to restrictions on international flights and around or more than 250 Indian students, executives and technocrats are there.

The Indian families are trying their ways out and possible ways to make their voice heard but no avail till now.

The Indian government is evacuating the foreigners via the respective flight then why not their own people who want to come back home and be safe. The government is declaring Janta Curfew and lockdown on 22nd March and 24th March, respectively for the safety of people.

Nothing seems to be working for the Indian people as the people living over there and working expired their working license on March 31 only. So, now they don’t have health insurance, an apartment and a place to stay, moreover, they are facing the communication barrier – the Japanese language is widely spoken and nobody is much aware of English.

People can’t reach the hospital due to such barriers and they are forced to reside either with known friends, hotels or office residential. These were the earning people but what about the students who have completed their annual session on March 31 and were preparing for their holidays but all they can feel is being stuck in the middle of a pandemic situation.

People are using different social media platforms to reach the government and to consider the plea of families

The Supreme Court said to bring back the citizens restricted in Japan and other places. During the three weeks of lockdown, people realized that Japan is much riskier than the increasing rate of cases in Maharashtra.

Though the government has imposed a state of emergency people are wandering around as it is nothing to worry. The country has recorded over 6,748 cases, which is comparatively more than compared to overall cases in India – 8356. The population of Japan is dense but not more than India and still, people are using public transport, restaurants and going offices not realizing the harm and problems they can create for people.

Japan doesn’t have any constitution of Lockdown since World War 2 and in the state of emergency; things don’t feel to be taken care of. There are 6.748 positive cases of COVID-19 and soon the country will be led to the path of Italy i.e. the path of loss and death. With all those difficulties, barriers and no law, people are terrified and concerned about their family.

Every country is rescuing their people from India and the family members are requesting the government for necessary action. The government can request the JAL Flight of Japan, which is leaving vacant from Japan when rescuing and we Indians only require one flight to gather all the people and rescue them.

Whenever any person in the house suffers from typhoid or any other communal disease we take care of them and secure them at home so nobody else gets affected. In the same way, we are asking the government to arrange a rescue one flight that will include everyone so that everyone can be their homeland safe. Moreover, whatever precaution and necessary isolation and quarantine are required; the people will follow it as per the government.

No breach of rules and disobeying of government as one mishappening will affect their family as well. “No funds or no space, we will take care of ourselves with complete isolation, we just need to come back to our homeland and be safe.” The government can help the people in Japan via chartered flights to rescue them.

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