Mistakes That People Do During The Installation Of Water Heating Unit


Hot water supply is available in two different ways of installation, by connecting a gas cylinder, and by electric heating option. Both the options are designed in such a way that the installation will be easier. Even though the installation option is quite easy, people still make mistakes while installing any hot water supply unit.

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Mistakes During Hot Water System Installation 

If the water heaters are not installed properly, then it might cause issues in the later months. Here are some of the common mistakes that people make while installing the hot water system.

  • Wrong Kind of Heater System 

Water heaters are available in many sizes and dimensions. You should first decide the number of people in your house and then decide the right kind of hot water system. If you do not choose the right heater system, then you might end up wasting both money and time.

  • Wrong Metal Pipe Installation 

Installation of the right kind of metal pipe is mandatory because the metal pipe that you choose should withstand the continuous flow of hot water. The coating that is found inside the heater unit will decide the type of pipe that you should choose for installation in your house. Choosing the wrong pipe can corrode the pipes and can even cause electric charge.

  • Dry Heating 

It is important to understand that heating the water heater unit without filling it with water can damage the heating unit. You need to make sure that the complete installation of water heater unit is completed before switching it on. Turn the water faucet on and let the water flow uninterrupted from the heater unit.

  • Incorrect Placement of the Soldering Fittings 

During the DIY installation, many make the mistake of soldering the fittings of the tank very close to the unit. When they switch on the water heater, the dip-tube will melt because of the heat, and this will cause damage to the system where hot water passes and falls into the water container.

  • Overflow Valve of T&P 

Temperature and pressure valves will be installed for easy release of pressure that will build up inside the water heater. These valves will be installed in every heating unit. When it is not installed properly, it can cause an explosion because of improper release of the pressure build-up inside the unit.

Many such mistakes are made while installing the water heater unit. If one connection goes wrong, then it can cause a series of dangerous issues in the heating unit. This normally results in the complete damage of the heater. The best way to avoid such issues is by taking the help of experienced plumbers during the hot water tank installation.

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