Safe Ship Moving Services Lists a Few Packing Tips and Tricks to Simplify a Move


There are many reasons why a person may have to move to a new home. One may move to a larger house to accommodate the needs of their growing family, opt for a cross-country relocation for better employment opportunities, or choose to downsize in retirement. Even though moving to a new house and neighbourhood can be exciting, the process of executing a move is often stressful. After all, there shall be a lot of details to coordinate and boxes to pack. Hence, it is better to hire a company like Safe Ship Moving Services to make the process much easier.

Safe Ship Moving Services underlines a few simple packing tips for a move

While moving to a new home is definitely an exciting endeavour, it also does come with its fair share of challenges.  One of the major challenges associated with executing a move successfully is properly packing all the important household belongings. It would help ensure the protection and safety of the goods during transit, and make the overall unpacking process more efficient and smooth.

Here are a few packing tips and tricks to simplify a move

  • Purge belongings before packing: Before beginning the packing process, one should dedicate time to go through items in their closet, shelves, or storage areas like the basement or garage. They must determine which items they do not need to take to the new home. By decluttering old clothes, decorations, and toys, one can reduce the number of items to pack, lower the overall moving costs, and minimize clutter in the new space.
  • Pack by room: When starting to pack belongings for a move, one must keep the unpacking process in mind. Hence, to avoid disorganized piles of items throughout the new home, it is better to consciously pack one room at a time. This would make sure that the clothes in the closet get unpacked at once, as can the tools meant for the garage or the kitchen utensils.
  • Label boxes: People must keep a market on hand while packing and sealing boxes, and label what’s inside. This would help determine where the box must go after it arrives at the new home. Labelled boxes make it much easier for the movers to put them in the right place, and also help people to get started with the unpacking process.
  • Keep original boxes for fragile items: To improve the odds of a new state-of-the-art TV reaching the new home unharmed, one should try to keep the box it came in. The packing material of the manufacturer would be designed specifically to transport the exact dimensions of a TV, computer screen or similar items in a safe and secure manner.
  • Use packing paper to cut down on crushed boxes:  Very often people tend to fill boxes halfway to keep them from being too heavy. However, this extra space makes it possible for items to jostle around and increases the odds of the box getting crushed under the weight of other boxes. Hence, using crumpled packing paper or newspaper to fill the dead space in a box would be a good way to make sure that the box is less likely to endure damage both inside and out.

Following the packing tips mentioned above and hiring companies like Safe Ship Moving Services can significantly help people to simplify their relocation process, and get their goods transported to the new home without any such hassles.

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