Six Dog Training Tips That Anyone’s Friends Would Love to Hear About


There are few things in the world as rewarding as being a dog owner. And many people are eager to tell friends and family all about the experience. However, it can leave one with a bit of a problem if they decide to get one as well. One needs to consider what advice to provide them in regards to proper dog training. Thankfully, there are six tips that should form the foundation of any dog training experience.

1.Remember that dogs are social animals

This one is particularly important if one is more used to cats than dogs. It’s true that cats do enjoy the company of other beings. But dogs are on a whole other level when it comes to socialization. A dog isn’t just a social animal. A dog is a pack animal. It needs to feel like it’s part of something bigger. One should always remember that a dog owner is essentially the leader of a pack. Even if the size of the pack is just one human and one dog.

2.Communication goes both ways

Humans primarily communicate with words. Dogs primarily communicate through smell and body language. A dog can learn the meaning of a few words. But to properly communicate with a dog it’s important to build up a lexicon of body language. One can talk to a dog with words. But it’s important to put body language into it as well. Pointing, in particular, is an important part of communicating with dogs.

3.Keep things at a slower pace

A dog needs the training to be fun in order to really get into it. Likewise, keep the information about body language in mind. Dogs will pick up on their owner’s irritation. As such, the training really does need to be fun for both parties. And this usually means taking it slow. Progress in training isn’t a race. And by going slower one can often learn from the dog as well. An owner will often communicate what he needs. And if he’s paying attention than the dog will respond in turn with ideas on how to accomplish it.

4.Keep up with positive reinforcement

It’s important to remember that a dog’s attention span can be rather limited. Training becomes a lot easier if one can link the lessons to something he’s already focused on. And there are few things a dog loves more than treats. If a dog knows that he’ll get a treat if he pays attention than his lessons will usually go quite a bit more smoothly.

5.Don’t forget about the experts

One should also remember that the experts are there to help. Training should always focus on one’s home environment. But that doesn’t mean that outside trainers aren’t a part of the process as well. This is part of the reason why people should always look for local help. For example, consider someone in Houston. The best dog trainer in Houston would be able to essentially jumpstart the training process. What makes the best dog trainer in Houston such an important part of the process? In large part, it’s the fact that they can help dog owners build on these tips. One will ideally be able to use the basics as a foundation upon which to build even more advanced tips. But that’s often considerably more difficult without experts to point out where things can be strengthened or changed.

6.The most important cues

Most of the previous tips focused on helping both owners and dogs learn how to communicate. This was a necessary step before venturing into the four main commands which every dog should know. This will prove somewhat difficult at first. And it’s where a professional trainer will often come in handy. But one should work to teach a dog the commands for come, sit, stay and drop. Combined with body language one can usually extend these commands to a whole range of more complex behaviors.

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