The implicit reasons behind wedding photography being so overpriced


One of the most common complaints among the yet-to-be-married couples is, ‘Why are photographers so expensive?’ Wedding photographers capitalize on the fact that it is the occasion of a marriage and hence they charge sky-high prices to earn profits.

Each and every family member of the bride and groom including them will want to remember this day and hence poor quality photographs clicked through mobile camera won’t work. This is why most couples take resort to wedding photographers despite their skyrocketing costs. Let’s check out the reasons behind this wedding overcharge.

Reason #1: Labour expenses are huge

Probably the most obvious and vital part of wedding costs is the labour. In other continents, a wedding may take between 8 and 10 hours to complete while in Asia, it may take from 10-18 hours. Your photographer along with this team will be asked to arrive way before the start of the actual event as they have to capture several smaller details. When the action starts, you’ll often find them crawling, diving, ducking and even climbing at the most odd places to get the best shots. This can be a rather draining experience.

Reason #2: Lots of invisible jobs are done

Majority of laymen are not aware of the fact that the work of a photographer doesn’t end with the wedding. There’s more to it than just simply downloading the images and saving them on your hardware. In fact, when the newlywed even flies off to the honeymoon, the wedding photographer is still working hard on those photos. As per what photographers have to say, it takes 40 hours for post-production work and 16 hours for designing the album.

Reason #3: Need to outsource tasks

Sometimes it is not possible for one photographer to complete the process of designing the album, more when the client asks for the entire album within a short span of time. Can you imagine the total number of images that need to be processed if it’s an Indian wedding? So, if you’re wondering to yourself, ‘Is a wedding photographer worth the cost?’ he is! It is seen that most of the times a photographer has to outsource some work during the processing of photos.

Reason #4: Equipments are pricey

Did you know that the equipments that your wedding photographer brings for shoot are not any average or typical camera equipment? The expert digital lenses and cameras can cost you anything from 1200 dollars to 6000 dollars. This mammoth amount is only for the main body of the camera and the lens. If you appoint a reliable photographer, he will definitely carry a backup camera and support it with different types of lenses. They need memory cards, batteries, flashes, filters and several other lighting machineries.

Reason #5: Insurance costs

When a smart photographer carries an equipment of such a value, he will also insure it against theft and damage. Hence, both professional indemnity and public liability insurance are vital for any freelance photographer.

Therefore, you must have got the answer to your question! Photographers invest enough money and time in honing their skills. If you too are a passionate photographer, download MeVero app and chance to earn $1500 by referring your fellow photographer friends.

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