Things Famous YouTubers Don’t Tell About Making it Big on the Platform


It’s no secret that YoTube has given many creators an opportunity to make money from their profession. Today, there are thousands of content creators on YouTube who have millions of subscribers and billions of views. While some of these YouTubers publish travel videos, others make money by sharing daily vlogs. 

To be honest, their success stories are an inspiration for many aspiring creators. But, it’s also safe to say that not everyone can make it big on YouTube. Getting millions of subscribers is not an easy task and if you don’t follow a dedicated marketing plan, you may never reach your objectives, be it subscribers or millions of views. 

So, in this guide, we have decided to share the “behind the scenes” of growing a YouTube channel and what strategies you can implement to get YouTube subscribers for your new channel.

Define Your Objectives

Why do you want to start a YouTube channel? Is your primary goal to showcase your talent and earn money? Or do you simply want to utilize it as a marketing platform for your existing brand? Before starting out with YouTube, it’s important to define your goals as this will help you plan your content accordingly. 

When you know your objectives, you’ll automatically create content that’ll encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel and come back for more and more videos. Your viewers will consider you a trusted entity and they’ll even share your channel with others. Again, this will help you get instant YouTube subscribers and grow your channel in the long-term.  

Focus on Quality and Not Quantity it not necessary to publish videos every day when you have just launched your channel. Even though people claim that daily uploads make it easier to grow a YouTube channel, it can easily become toxic and kill your creativity. Rather than publishing videos every single day, design an uploading schedule that suits your requirements and stick to it. 

For instance, if you have decided to publish videos on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, make sure to complete and publish your videos on time. This way your subscribers will always know when to look out for your content and as a result, you’ll automatically get more YouTube views. 

Create Playlists

When someone comes to your channel, they should be able to find a specific video as soon as possible. One of the easiest ways to achieve this goal is to create dedicated playlists on your channel and store your videos inside them. 

Playlists will also encourage viewers to binge-watch all your videos as they’ll find the entire list of videos within the same playlist. Also, creating playlists will help you keep your channel organized all the time. So, as soon as you’ll start publishing videos on your channel, make sure to store them in dedicated playlists. 

Don’t Step-Back While Sharing Your Videos

After starting a new YouTube channel, it’ll take several months to build a decent viewership. During this time, however, it’ll be your responsibility to promote your videos as much as you can. After publishing each video, share it instantly on your social media accounts and ask people to subscribe to your channel. 

You can also run ads on different social media platforms to reach your potential audience. Sharing videos on different platforms will help you turn random people into your subscribers, resulting in the overall channel’s growth. 

Buying YouTube Subscribers Also Works

Believe it or not, but buying YouTube subscribers is also an effective way to grow your channel. In fact, many big YouTubers also start their career by buying YouTube views. Look for platforms where you can buy YouTube subscribers and choose a deal as per your preferences. This will give you an initial boost and you’ll start getting views in no time. 


That’s everything you should know about growing a YouTube channel. Whether you’ve started a cooking show or a daily vlogging channel on YouTube, all these strategies will help you get YouTube subscribers and make it big on YouTube

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