Things That Can Cause A High Water Bill


The water bill is a major utility no matter where you are in the world. Naturally, it costs you money, but the amount you’re paying each month can indicate a significant waste of one of the world’s most important resources.

If you find that your water bills are higher than usual, you should track down what causes it and come up with solutions on how to reduce it. This will not only help you save money; you also get to help in conserving this precious resource.

The Significance of Plumbing in Water Bills

What a lot of people don’t realize is that high water bills are often caused by plumbing problems. No matter how hard you try conserving water, if your plumbing system is inefficient, you’re still going to face the same problem each month.

Plumbing is one of the most important aspects that property owners should look after. A good plumbing system can eliminate the occurrences of simple issues that can be avoided like low water pressure or slow draining of water both on the sink or tub. Other issues are the overflowing of water from toilets or clogged garbage disposals.

Here are some of the most common issues that cause a spike in your water bill.

Leaky Fixtures and Faucets

Anything that’s leaking is a common cause of high water bills. The more leak you have in your pipes, the more water gets wasted. We’re lucky that this problem is easy to see and fix. Do a check of your faucets and other fixtures, like shower heads and bidets. Make sure that you properly close them after each use. If it’s still leaking, contact a plumber to have it tightened right away.

Continuously Running Toilet

If your toilet is continuously running, then you are literally wastingwater. Check the stopper if it still works. If it is visibly is worn and old, have it replaced because it will not control the flow properly, allowing water to continually run into the bowl.

Recent Water Use Changes

A small change in your water use can contribute a lot to your water bill. Is there a guest or a member of the family staying at your house temporarily? Anticipate that these factors will contribute to a high water bill the next month.

Another possible reason is a change in the season. When it suddenly gets too hot, people will more likely want to spend time showering than usual.

Leaks in Your Irrigation

While most leaks happen indoors, an irrigation leak could also cause a sudden spike in your water bills. Check your landscaping irrigation system if there are loose joints or cracks. It could be tricky finding these cracks, so if you want to spot them all, call a professional plumber right away.

Finding the Best Plumbing Services

Reputation. Finding a dependable plumber can be done by asking friends or neighbors. More often, if they did a good job doing someone’s house or company, their customers would always call them and definitely tell other people about it, especially when asked.

Another way of finding one is browsing the internet. There may be plenty online, but the thing to look for is the feedback and comments. This has to be checked. Filter the in-house comments listed in the feedback sections.

Cost. In some instances, you will find more than one good plumber in your area. It is good to check the prices of their services and see whose rates fit your budget.

Quotations. In relation to costs, ask for a quotation of their services and check the inclusions. This is to avoid unplanned charges. Customers should always feel free to ask the companies about the information listed in the quotations so that they know what to expect.

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