Top 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Web Host


If you’re looking for a trustworthy web host, then look no further! This article will list the top 10 questions to ask when choosing India’s best windows web hosting. “. So without any delay, let’s get started!

Question # 1: What is Your Uptime Guarantee? (95% or higher)

Some hosts out there offer 100%, but they usually charge a lot more if they do.

Question # 2: What is Your Refund Policy? (30 days)

It’s always the best indication to go with a host that offers some money-back guarantee, especially if you’re going for shared hosting and on the lower end in terms of cost. If something goes wrong, this refund policy is a way to ensure that you get your money back.

Question # 3: What Types of Hosting Do You Offer? (Shared)

When looking for windows web hosting in India, it’s essential to know what is available since not all shared plans are the same. Some hosts can charge an arm and a leg for low amounts of storage and monthly traffic, while others will go the opposite direction and offer more than enough in return for very little.

Question # 4: How Many Years Have You Been In Business? (Over five)

Over time they will have had more time to work out the bugs and overall improve their service. Most reliable web hosts are not newbies!

Question # 5: What is Your Support Availability? (24/365)

If you’re going with a dedicated or VPS host, then the chances are that they need to be available during every hour of the day.

Question # 6: What is Your Average Response Time For Support Tickets? (Under 20 minutes)

With shared hosting plans, it’s not always necessary to offer a fast ticketing system since you won’t have as many people contacting them.

Question # 7: What Type of Server Do You Use? (Dedicated)

If you’re looking for top performance, choosing to go with a dedicated server is your best bet. It’s essential, however, to make sure they are running an optimized operating system like CentOS or Ubuntu.

Question # 8: What are Your Server Specs? (Dual Xeon E5620 / 16GB DDR-III)

It is where you want to do some research to know what type of machine you’ll be getting with the web host in question. You don’t want them offering cheap or old equipment because it will affect your website’s performance and overall uptime.

Question # 9: What is Your Server Setup? (lamp)

Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP or Python are the most common web hosting setups that you’ll find out there. If you’re not sure, then don’t worry because we can help!

Question # 10: What is your Data Center Location? (Europe)

If you’re running a large site or blog with members from all over Europe, choosing Windows web hosting in India with their servers located here will make sense.

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