What are the Criteria for Housekeeping Jobs in Mumbai?


Housekeeping is a specialised job, and the housekeeping professionals perform various cleaning duties. They are responsible for keeping the private households, and commercial establishments clean and tidy. Their responsibilities include cleaning, making beds, vacuuming, replenishing linens, etc.

Depending on where the housekeeper is employed, they may be required to handle a wide array of duties. For example, a housekeeping staff working in a hotel may have a different job description than those working in a hospital. Similarly, someone who works as a housekeeping supervisor will have different responsibilities than a regular housekeeping staff member.

Although there is no fixed set of eligibility criteria for housekeeping jobs in Mumbai, the employer may have specific requirements, which may vary from others hiring for a similar post.

Let us look at the common requirements employers may have for jobs for housekeeping.


A housekeeping staff member must have the ability to pay attention to deal to complete their tasks successfully. The person must have the capability to work independently without constant supervision.

Organisational skills

Unlike the population notion that housekeeping jobs do not require any skills, the person must have good planning and organisational capabilities. The housekeeping person must be able to follow the procedures correctly and be aware of the various safety protocols to do their job efficiently. For example, the housekeeping staff must place the ‘wet signboard’ while cleaning the floor so that people moving across the area do not slip.

Another important trait that employers may look for in a housekeeping staff is being a good player. The person must have work and collaborate with colleagues and superiors and be committed to accomplishing the end purpose.

Physical strength

Although housekeeping work does not involve lifting heavy objects, it may require the person to work for long hours and do different shifts. Hence, employers may look for housekeeping staff that are fit and have high energy levels, which is vital to perform the task.

Also, during the cleaning process, the person may be required to stand, bend, squat, crawl, crouch and work in confined spaces. Hence physical strength is essential to carry out the tasks every day without getting tired.

Interpersonal skills

While hiring housekeeping staff, the employers generally look if the person has a good personality and listening skills. The staff must know when to be polite and respectful towards guests, patients, and employers and always maintain a certain level of professionalism. Not to mention, the staff members must also have a positive attitude.

Work experience

While work experience is not a significant criterion that employers consider while hiring for housekeeping jobs, people with prior work experience in a similar industry may have better chances of getting the job. Also, the person may get a higher salary and may even get a higher position as a team leader or housekeeping supervisor.

Final Word

A housekeeping job is one of the sought-after jobs as it does not require the person to have any educational qualification or experience to get the job. However, not everyone can do this job as it requires a particular set of skills and qualities.

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