10 Desserts at Caterers in Bengali weddings


Desserts are just the right thing served after any meal. The sweetness and tenderness of few amazing desserts from the city of joy served by the Kolkata Caterers at every Bengali Wedding. Whereas in the suburbs the Caterers in Howrah generously take the same tradition of dessert culture.

1. Rosogolla

Kolkata Caterers are known for this particular dessert. To be honest Caterers in Howrah or any part of Bengal have the best trick for baking Rosogolla. The lightness of cottage cheese balls boiled sugar syrup might sound really easy. But this is the best known dessert for Bengali weddings.

2. Komola Bhog

This is somewhat the far fetched cousin of Rosogolla. Similarly cooked like Rosogolla by the Caterers in Howrah but improved with a slight vanilla fragrance that is too good to taste. Whereas the Kolkata caterers indulge the light millennial yellow tinge to the sweet with the same vanilla odour.

3. Ledikeni

This too is a far fetched cousin of none other than Golap Jamun. The hard brown crust on the outside with a soft white core in the inside. The only difference in this sweet dish is the syrup that is served along with Golap Jamun by the kolkata Caterers. The Caterers in Howrah keep Ledikeni dry, yet slightly moist with an  edible wrap of  “varak” around it.

4. Chom Chom

This is similarly made like Rosogolla but the shape is slightly cylindrical but  it has the syrup made out of milk or condensed milk. Very popular with the Caterers in Howrah, whereas the Kolkata caterers serve this in a circular dimension with malai on top.

5. Rasmalai

This is like the daughter of Rosogolla and chom chom. The same proportion and shape of Rosogolla served in the sweet thick milky syrup of chom chom. The Kolkata Caterers keep this in small bowls for individual consumption, whereas the Caterers in Howrah serve this on plates in the buffet or Wedding arrangements.

6. Soan Papdi

Very popular with the majority of Indian states as a dessert exchanged during Diwali or any other household festival. But this is served dry by both the Caterers in Howrah as well as the kolkata Caterers.

7. Kalakand

This is just the most Bengali sweet dish at every Wedding by the Kolkata Caterers. The beautiful combination of sweetness with a tinch of texture. This sweet is the personal favourite for the Caterers in Howrah as a whole.

8. Sandesh

If asked by  any non-Bengali food lover they identify Bengali foods with the taste of sandesh. This is just an open pallet that can be customised and shaped into any possible size and shape for any part of Bengal. The kolkata Caterers serve this with the concoction of something glorious like Nolin Gur, Cashew or something else. Whereas the Caterers in Howrah serve this in the moat traditional way .

9. Makha Sandesh

This particular sweet dish is the speciality for the Kolkata Caterers. A mixed mixture of nolen Gur and sandesh that has no accurate shape or size. Served along with weight instead of size, not really popular with the Caterers in Howrah.

10. Jalebi Malai

Jalebi is not really a Bengali dessert but it is highly appreciated in Kolkata. The city offers few of the street shops for Jalebi. Caterers in Howrah usually prefer serving hot jalebis with the ultimate hotness of golden yellow sweet syrup topped with kesar and pistachios.

Whereas the Kolkata Caterers serve jalebis, it is really hot, accompanied with the topping of cold malai or rabri. The combination of hot and cold at the same time served with a complete delight of sweetness and love.

Food can have many different cuisines. Not only Bengali cuisine or Mughal delicacies but the kolkata Caterers are really fond of the deserts found in Bengal. The Caterers in Howrah know just the way of expressing the wonderful taste of sweetness that resembles the tenderness and love of the City of Joy.

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