All you need to know about the benefits of a mobile banking app


Until recently, access to banking services was limited that customers had to visit a bank’s branch for applying for a personal loan or transferring funds through NEFT or IMPS. These situations have changed, thanks to the digital revolution. The introduction of mobile banking apps by the financial industry has simplified banking. Today most banks like IDFC FIRST Bank have their own banking apps to help their customers manage their banking activities on a mobile phone. They can open bank account and manage all banking requirements through an onlinebanking app.

A mobile banking app has moved from what it was a perk to a necessity now. With a safe online bankingapp from IDFC FIRST Bank, you are ensured easy accessibility and complete safety through the latest security measureslike multi-factor authentication. By using this advanced bank mobile app, you get to have some important benefits, and they are:

Fully digitalized platform

With a bank account online, the usercan do all financial transactions on this IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app. The digitalized platform helps the customer open a bank account by filling out a form with personal details such as the name, date of birth, PAN number and Aadhaar number, and submitting essential documentsfor verification. The bank will verify the documents online through a video call. On successful verification, you can start a savings account.

The banking app helps you have the best consumer banking services onlinefrom anywhere and at any time that you don’t have to visit the bank.

User-friendlyfeatures for easy use

The IDFC FIRST Bank banking app is designed to have simple features to help anyone access without any difficulty. Some of the features help you manage your personal finance, track expenses, apply for a personal loan and give investment options. Having these features make the app one among the best mobile bank apps 2021, for it enhances the user experience by meeting theirneeds and expectations. Theuser-friendly interface allows the account holder to have seamless banking transactions.

Works well on new-gen mobile phones

The app facilitates the customer to access his or her account on all kinds of new-generation mobile phones. This makes it very convenient to operate a bank account anywhere anytime.

Furthermore, the app offers you:

  • Secure banking
  • Better accessibility
  • Easy bill payment options
  • More savings through offers and discounts.
  • Best banking service through alerts and updates

Innovative tools

You can find innovative tools on the IDFC FIRST Bank app that theyhelp user retention. The users can track payments, check balances, link multiple bank accounts, and get account statements with a few clicks without visiting the bank. Apart from this, they can also monitor and manage their finance and apply for loans with minimal documentation.

Open different accounts

You can also open different accounts such as a Corporate Salary Account, Senior Citizen Savings Account, Minor’s Savings Account, FIRST Power Savings Account, NRI Savings Account, Future FIRST Savings Account, Health FIRST Savings Account, Vishesh Savings Account, Pratham Savings Account and Honour FIRST Defence Account. All you have to do is apply online with essential details and documents.

The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app helps you achieve both long-term and short-term goals offeringvarious investment optionsthat help secure your future. The instant loan facility is also a significant feature of the banking app to help you in emergency.

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