Beginners’ Guide to Buying a Washing Machine


The washing machine is now an essential appliance and no longer a luxury product. It’s become a part of every household, and we cannot do without it anymore. Wide arrays of washing machines are now available Haier Washing Machine Price in India. Different types of washing machines have different types of unique features, making it difficult for consumers to choose what’s best for them.

So, here is a guide that will help you in your decision making.

Washing machines are basically of two general categories, Semi-Automatic and Automatic. To understand its advantages and disadvantages, we first need to know how these two types of work.

· Semi-Automatic VS Automatic Washing Machines-

  • The semi-automatic washing machines come in the lower price range than the fully automatic ones and are more popularly available in India. The washing machine cannot complete the washing process in one go and requires manual intervention. It has two tubs, one for washing and the other for drying, which makes the machine bigger than its counterpart. So once the washing is over, you will have to manually transfer the clothes into the dryer tub. Hence, Semi-automatic washing machine requires more work.
  • Whereas, with the automatic washing machine, there is no need for you to manually transfer the clothes from one tub to another tub as there is just one tub in which both the task is done. So once the washing process starts, the cycle of washing and drying will complete on its own. Also, due to the one tub, it takes up less space in comparison to the semi-automatic. Though it’s towards the higher price range among the Washing Machine Price Lists in India, it’s very efficient in cleaning and requires very little work.

· Top Load VS Front Load

  • The top-loading washing machine is more popular in India than the front-loading ones, which are popular in western countries. It also goes easy on your back as you do not have to bend to load it. However, the front-loading ones are all automatic, whereas the top-loading ones come in both variations.
  • Usage of water is less in the front loading washing machines than the top-loading ones due to the tumbling technology and are also more energy efficient, even though it takes a longer time to complete the washing because it works at a slower speed.
  • This also saves clothes from getting damaged.

With the above analysis, we have come to the conclusion that the automatic washing machines are better and more efficient than the semi-automatic ones and if your budget permits (Check out the pricing here-Washing Machine Price List in India) then you should obviously go for the automatic ones but keep in mind that semi-automatic washing machines are also quite good in doing its job of cleaning. You can go for it without any doubt.

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