Check these factors when buying a Swaddle


Babies are super cozy, warm, and well-covered in the womb before babies are born. Being born offers them a different feeling and may cause the baby to cry since they are trying to adapt to the new weather. Fortunately, a baby swaddle gives the babies a tight and the same comfortable feeling in the womb. That aid the baby in keeping comfy and calm. This makes them sleep soundly and for longer hours as well.

Swaddling is an ancient practice of wrapping newborns in a thin cloth or blanket. It’s endearing yet it also serves the vital purpose of helping your baby stay calm. Swaddling also aids prevent from flailing her legs and arms which can trigger her startle reflex. There are a lot of amazing reasons to try this traditional practice.

Check these factors when choosing a baby swaddle

  • The material

Most of the baby’s swaddle blankets are made of soft, raw cotton, and comfy materials. Any other swaddle manufactured with not the same material is not the best though there are some exceptions. The cotton-made is soothing and comfortable to babies making them sleep better. Muslin cotton is equally used to make these swaddle blankets which is also a favorite choice. Some of the swaddle blankets have breathing pores to avoid overheating which is excellent for the comfort of the babies.

  • Type of fastening

This may be a minor thing yet it is known as one of the most important factors to take into consideration. The usual fasteners find include Velcro, zippers, and tie strings which are your decision to pick the best for your baby.

  • The design

The design of a swaddle blanket is more necessary than how fashionable it looks. You may be persuaded to go in for an appealing design while considering its functionalities are more vital than the looks. The ideal swaddle blankets let babies sleep with their hands in an upright technique, which is the most comfortable way for them. They evenly offer a well-defined waistline to hold the baby appropriately. And also must have ample space for the baby to turn especially once they are above six months.

  • Size of the swaddle blanket

Usually, most people purchase baby swaddles blankets when the babies are born. Especially, when it is the first baby mostly go in for small swaddle blankets. You must consider buying a huge swaddle that will continue to complement the baby’s size as it grows. Some brands have led to making swaddle blankets which are the ideal choice for newborn babies.

You have to ensure to consider these factors when selecting a swaddle for your baby. You need to make sure the swaddle is steady around the baby’s arms yet loose around their hip.

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