Choose an Affordable AI-Powered Accessibility Overlay for Your Business Now


Businesses should never overlook the significance of accessibility when they create their sites. This subject has been gaining a lot of prominence in the last few years due to the surge in ADA-related lawsuits pertaining to web accessibility. However, many businesses still struggle with implementing web accessibility for their sites, and it is here that the obvious question arises- why?

Installing the proper accessibility overlay helps

Accessibility is in no way a simple task, and it entails a lot of money as well. Most companies today depend upon websites that are based on templates, and they are not built with the objective of web accessibility in mind. In fact, importance is never given to the subject, and this is where the root of the problem is.

Your business cannot reach users with disabilities that constitute a large part of the buying community online. Focusing on them equally is the need of the hour if you want to grow credibility and profits in the market.

The market is not the same as it was in the past. It has evolved drastically, and it is here that you need to have an effective solution in the form of an accessibility overlay for help.

Why are accessibility overlays, and what do they do?

In the past, making a website fully accessible was a tedious task. Web developers had to be hired, and every line of the web content had to be checked for accessibility issues. For the above, it is obvious that this task was time-consuming and entailed a lot of costs. The ordeal was tough when the site had new content updated regularly. Processes were delayed as this new content had to be accessible as well, or else non-compliance lawsuits were slapped against the business.

Problems SMBs face in the field of web accessibility

Small businesses had a lot of problems when it came to the issue of website accessibility. They had budget and time constraints. Moreover, in a bid to save money and time, they often resorted to DIY methods that, in turn, cost them dear. Web accessibility is a complex domain, and the slightest mistake will invoke a hefty fine. Moreover, learning it takes a long time. This is why accessibility overlays are the ideal solution for the above problems.

An  accessibility overlay  infused with modern technology like artificial intelligence helps your business arrest web accessibility gaps. The tool just uses one line of the JavaScript code to start functioning. It is automated and scans the content daily for accessibility issues. This way ensures your content is compliant and you face no problems with it.

Users with disabilities are happy when it comes to interacting with your site. They can select the accessibility profile that works for them and has an enjoyable browsing experience. In this way, it is simple for your business to address web accessibility needs in an affordable manner and boost sales opportunities in the process by reaching out to everyone, including users with disabilities, online with success!

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