Reasons Why Collagen Powder Is The Holy Grail Of Nutrition


Collagen is the nutritional supplement that we all need. If you’re not getting this in your diet, it’s time to start! Through scientific research and studies by experts within their fields of nutrition, fitness, and health care, it has been shown that collagen improves skin elasticity, which helps us look years younger. Collagen also provides excellent benefits for gut integrity and hair growth, among other things. It can help with heart disease prevention, bone health, joint and cartilage health, liver function, and digestive issues. It also plays a vital role in helping the body absorb fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamins A and D, thus better assimilating essential micronutrients throughout one’s body. Let’s talk about collagen in turkey. Luckily for us, some sources prove collagen from turkey is, in fact, healthy.

Collagen is a protein that composes about 30% of the total protein content in our bodies. It is one of the most abundant proteins, producing more than 1 kg per day or approximately 8-10 pounds daily during adulthood. Collagen provides strength and structure for several parts of your body, including bones, skin, teeth, and cartilage. The natural progression as we age will cause collagen levels to slowly decrease, making these areas weaker over time if not supplemented.

Chicken skin, the lean meat, and organs of all poultry contain very high levels of food, especially fowl, and wild game meats are excellent sources of protein and lower in fat. The same goes for traditional dim cranberries (traditionally used as a natural refrigerator and re-normalizer). The properties of cranberries are said to destroy free radicals via the chemical compound catalase, one of the main ways cranberries help strengthen our body’s collagen and tissue integrity. Whether using chicken livers or other parts like goose liver, carrot juice combined with apple cider vinegar can be beneficial. These two ingredients increase digestibility through the increased production of needed B vitamins, which are invaluable in stimulating collagen-producing genes.

Collagen powder can be highly beneficial when used right before bedtime as it works very similar to how Sports Drinks work by somehow manipulating hormones while we are asleep. It aids in other beneficial effects, such as enhancing immunity protecting against infection.

Also, Collagen powder is a good laxative and cleansing aid because its content of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals is excellent to use by people with chronic constipation and colon issues. When used with probiotics, it also helps restore your digestive tract. Although it is taken orally, the collagen needed by the body comes from within your connective tissues healthy diet can help absorb the collagen that helps to restore your connective tissues. It makes your joints stronger and reverses various degenerative diseases, improving the quality of life.

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