DJ Rama – How Can You Successfully Manage a Hotel

Hotels are popular among tourists and travelers across the world. They are an abode where a weary traveler can rest during the journey and be attended to by caring and friendly staff. Running a hotel is no easy affair, and multiple factors go into its success. Every hotel must have a good manager, and its location should be convenient for travelers to find easily. The staff needs to be trained in the specialized fields of hotel management and work daily as a team to make the stay of their guests as comfortable as possible.

DJ Rama – Qualities needed for a good hotel manager

DJ Rama is the Vice President at JHM Hotels in Greenville, South Carolina, in the USA. He is an exemplary business leader when it comes to the successful operations of hotels and customer service. He says every hotel manager generally discovers their own techniques for success however the following are some common traits every hotel manager generally has-

  1. Motivation- Hotel managers are self-motivated. In fact, they inspire the other staff to carry out their duties and responsibilities with motivation. They are disciplined and are able to manage many tasks at the same time with dedication. Top hotel chains indeed entice good managers with incentives and lots of rewards; however, a good hotel manager has the innate ability to strive for success and work sincerely.
  2. Adaptability- Change is inevitable in the hotel industry, and managers should be open-minded enough to accept these changes, both good and bad, with grace. There can be a sudden shift in the market conditions, preferences of guests, weather changes, etc., in the industry, and so the hotel manager needs to be ready for chang
  3. Empathy- Hotel managers should be empathetic and supportive not only with their guests but with every member of the staff. Good managers identify the significance of providing the right resources and tools to their guests and staff members to improve their overall experience of staying in the hotel. Managers must be good at listening so that they know how to provide solutions and make their guests and staff feel valued and appreciated round-the-clock.

According toDJ Rama,the hotel industry is a place where you need to work very hard. There are long shifts, and most of the time, you need to be on your feet. You must ensure that when you are not working, you eat and sleep well. A healthy diet is very important for good mental and physical health. Hotel managers should be proactive and friendly. They often need to deal with difficult customers; however, they should never take harsh words personally. The guest might be unhappy with the hotel’s service, and it is here that the manager needs to step in and tactfully manage the situation to make the guest trust the hotel brand again. Hotel managers are indispensable to the industry, and they should always be positive with a friendly attitude toward success!

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