Home glow-up tips with incredible lighting


Interior designing has evolved over years to cater to the need of customers. The need for lighting started with just illuminating dark corners and now has evolved to the point where the ambiance and tone of the room are set by the lighting. Just the position and angles of lights can make a room more soothing. The magic of lighting is experienced on a full scale when you see the lights complimenting each other. Lights around a wall mirror design can give a luxurious glow to the bathroom. Layered lighting can give the room a dramatic flair and depth. Lighting can make a small space look bigger and a bigger space looks cozier. Lighting can add warmth and comfort to rooms. Places that need to be highlighted and faults that need to be dissolved in shadows can be taken care of using the correct type of lighting.

There are many ways you can make sure your home glows up. Let us look at some ways you can do it.

  1. Lamps – Lamps serve a dual purpose and can be used for lighting as well as for decoration. They are easy to move and can be placed around the house as per your need. They are easy to maintain and can be incorporated into the interior design as per the theme. Floor lamps as well as table lamps look great in all parts of the house.
  2. Chandeliers – Chandeliers are essentially hanging lights and the most beautiful form of lighting. These ornate lighting options came in different sizes, colours, lengths, and designs. These can be used as focal points of rooms and become the ultimate center of attraction. Chandeliers are enough to light up an entire room and can be appropriate for any event if fitted with a dimmer. The cut glass and crystals make the chandeliers shiny and glowing.
  3. Cove lights – Cove lights are the most versatile kinds of lights. These lights are attached inside niches. The lights themselves are covered and only the beam is seen. Using these near walls, decorative pieces, above showcases, and even in bedrooms as night lights can be effective. The cove lights can create a soothing environment.
  4. Focal lights – These types of lights are usually seen in art galleries. The angle can be adjusted to focus on the art pieces. If you have sculptures or paintings that you want to display, you can use these.
  5. Dressing table – Lights around the dressing table should be bright and ideally placed at proper angles. The lux level around the dressing table should be high for better visibility. Stylish lights combined with reflective surfaces are the key to a proper dressing table.
  6. String lights – There are a lot of designs of string lights available in the market. You can get simple bulbs, stars, moon, and any other shape. These lights can be used across the walls, doors, or around simple things to make it look good. String lights can also be used in and around the tainted or coloured glass, crystals, or small potted plants to make them look better. These are great for adding a touch of intimacy to an evening with friends.

Lighting can truly change the way a room is perceived. It can make your space mesmerizing and magnificent.

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