How to Make your children’s first flight a happy trip for everyone


Are you going to travel by plane with your baby? You may be nervous and think that handing out candy to other passengers is a good option, but don’t panic. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies usually travel calmly and without crying.

In any case, it is more common for whining and discomfort to come from slightly older boys and girls, between one and three years of age, who, due to their mobility and pleasure for walking and exploring, can become restless because they feel confined to a seat. Still, as it is a good idea to be prepared for anything that may happen, we leave you the following tips.

  1. Dress comfortably, and also your baby

Wear comfortable shoes because you will be walking around and standing for a while. For your baby choose clothes with zippers, elastics, or press buttons, that is, things that open and close easily. The more accessible the diaper change, the happier you and your baby will be.

  1. Prepare the diaper bag for the trip

Don’t forget to bring enough diapers, a couple of comfortable changes, wet wipes, blanket, and a favorite stuffed animal. It also includes disposable tissues because they always save you. Just in case, include a change of blouse for you, in case the one you bring does not survive the flight.

Do not carry sharp objects such as nail scissors in your hand luggage, because they will make you leave them at the Dubai airport meet and greet. You cannot carry bottles prepared with more than 100 ml, confirm the specifications with your airline.

  1. Take the printed passages

Print your boarding pass and do your documentation from home. The fewer lines, the less boredom for your baby.

  1. Ask for a drop-off and pick-up, if possible

Avoid having to drive to the airport and need to park your car. If there is no other left and the person you are traveling with is going with you, ask them to park the car while you check the luggage.

  1. Get to the airport on time

Go at the right time so that you do not have to be running with your baby in your arms, but not so much that afterward he is bored, and you do not know what to do with him or her. This is where you use his stuffed animal to entertain him.

  1. Keep calm

In case your baby cries, remember that if you are calm it is easier to transmit peace to him and make him calm down as well. List possible causes of crying: Hunger? Dirt? Dream? Hot? Cold? Does something bother you? A lot of light?

Try to figure out what your baby asks for, but if all else fails, don’t let other people’s looks bother you. Whatever makes your baby cry, he has every right to express it. Think that most people are empathetic in these situations, and if not, get over it!

  1. Prevents discomfort in your ears

The ears can become very sensitive to changes in pressure and altitude, this could cause pain for your baby. When taking off and landing, offer your baby a bottle, pacifier, or teether. This is the equivalent of chewing gum or yawning, actions recommended to unclog the pressure in the ears and which are very small to perform.

It is also recommended to protect your ears with cotton to reduce the noise you are exposed to in the booth since it is around 100 decibels. In case the landing is not announced, ask the flight attendant to let you know when the descent begins so that you can try to keep your baby’s mouth occupied and prevent his ears from hurting.

The trip usually lulls babies, but if not, try to put them to sleep so they don’t feel the flight. With all of the above, it is sure that you will have a smooth trip.

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