How to Study for a Spelling Test: 5 Great Tips for Better Results


Learning is a lifelong process that starts from the day a person is born and continues till the day he dies. Life offers us with all types of difficulties at different stages of our lives that will help us to grow and learn from them.

Nevertheless we all try to find the most easy and adequate way that can pull us out of those difficulties quickly and effectively. Dealing with all the difficulties helps us in the growth of our minds and personalities.

Similarly learning 12th grade spelling words can be tough as words become lengthy and difficult to spell, but it also enriches your child’s vocabulary to help him / her in communicating and understanding words effectively.

As child grows old the learning process also gets harder and challenging and to deal with it your child has to upgrade his / her learning tactics, which can be done through spellquiz, a website that provides you with multiple fun and useful tasks, such as sight words, spelling lessons, quizzes, spelling bees and much more to help your child learn his/ her spelling test for grade 12 from website’s 12 grade spelling lessons.

Here we provide you with some more best tricks that can make your child an expert in spelling learning.

  • Try To Spell The Word Backwards

Writing a word backward is a trick to learn spelling words more accurately and, maybe this tip may seem a little bit tricky or troublesome for your child to do at first but as he / she keep on practicing, it will become a task of seconds for him / her and, it will also help your child to catch all the letters in a 12th grade spelling words rapidly. As well as it is also a great way to exercise his/ her brain for better understanding of tricky words.

  • Make Spelling Words From Scrabble Tiles

Board games like scrabble are the ones that rely on how well one knows the word and letters in it. It is one of the best and fun ways to learn spelling words as it supports in learning spelling words more efficiently whilst playing with your friends or family.

Use the tiles of the scrabble game with letters on them to spell out your spelling words on the board.

you can also play with any of your family members or friends and they can help you generate your 12th grade spelling words from other words.

  • Play Hangman From The Words From Your Spelling List

Always search for fun when you are learning something as it helps in building interest, as well as it promotes the favorable environment of learning for your child.

Hangman is a game where your child can guess a word by calling out possible letters in a word. This can be enjoyed by your child as he play it with you and it can also help him learn his / her spellings words in a much quicker way.

  • Write A Word As Many Times As The Number Of Letters In It.

The most old and most used trick to learn difficult words around the world is to repeat or rewrite them several times until your child memorizes the word correctly.

Rewriting a word or sentence multiple times can favours in learning and remembering a word accurately for a long time.

Make your child write his / her spelling word as many times as the count of letters in it, the more letters, the more time your child has to rewrite the word for better memorization and understanding.

  • Rhyme Your Spelling Word

The idea of rhyming a word does sound interesting and creative for a child as it invites the new words in his / her brain, as well as it will improve the learning of phonetics in your child.

Start by letting your child write his / her 12th grade spelling word along with a word that rhymes with it.


Born – Corn.

Trick – Brick.

In this way he / she will learn and try to find the similarities in the spellings of both the words which will help him learn the spellings from the phonetics and resemblance of the word.

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