Looking for Reasons to Choose Tote Bags for Your Business Needs?


Tote bags have worked its way into every one’s home owing to its versatility and functionality. These bags have a large opening at the top and are equipped with handles on either side to carry them. They are used to hold a number of items. Apart from being useful, these bags can be customized to hold a particular item which is why many business owners are turning to it.

Tote bags for your business:

Tote bags indirectly bring in more income for your business. If you send your customers home with your branded bags rather than plastic ones, it is bound to boost your company sales. Distillery owners can use wine totes to package their products at the checkout counter. This will reflect your professionalism and your customers would love this reusable product.

If you are looking for good custom wine tote manufacturers, check out the website of Custom Earth Promos. They are one of the top manufactures of eco-friendly custom products. Their products are of high quality and are customizable.

The rise of Tote bags:

These bags have been around since the 17th century but it was not until 1900s, the term ‘tote’ (which translates to ‘to carry’) came into use. A famous company released boat bags and back then people carried ice in it during outings. During 1950s the American housewives started using it often for completing errands and these bags became a hug hit by 1960s.

Designers gradually started on working towards making the bag more appealing. Different brands started introducing their own versions. Today, we see these bags everywhere and they are durable than ever before.

Tote bag sizes:

There are 3 different sizes in the market and you can opt for the size which works well for your needs. Choose one which fits the largest item you are likely to cram inside the bag.

  • Large: With dimensions 22” W * 15”H * 8” D, this oversized bag can hold so much stuff. You can use them as overnight bags or for a pool day out.
  • Medium: With dimensions 16” W * 15”H * 5” D, this size is just right for casual outings. Though you can’t cram in all your necessities, medium sized bags still hold a decent number of stuffs. These are ideal for give-away and coffee bags.
  • Small: With dimensions 12” W * 3”H * 4” D, these little bags accommodate your cosmetics, wallet and keys.

Cleaning instructions:

Be extra careful with bags that have prints and use cool water always while washing. Get rid of large stains with a spot stain remover. Flip the bag inside out and read the instructions of the manufacturer. Avoid machine-washing unless specified. After dipping the bag in water, use a soft bristled brush to remove dirt. After a final rinse, set it up for drying.

The lifespan of tote bags is dependent on the material it is made up of, weight and how often it is used. With heavy use, the heavy-duty ones easily last for a year making these bags a welcome alternative to plastic bags.

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