Make your kitchen hassle-free with KOT system


Restaurant management software has led to a major disruption in the functioning of restaurant kitchens. Gone are those days when servers used to take orders on a piece of paper, walk to the kitchen and handover the slip to the chef. The manual processes used to create a lot of chaos and delays in serving the dishes.

How digital Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) system works?

With the modern day restaurant Point of Sale (POS) systems, the waiter takes orders from diners on a tablet. Subsequently, the order details, termed as KOTs will be displayed on the screen in the kitchen. On the Kitchen Display Screen (KDS) the chef and the kitchen staff can see the details such as the food items ordered, the number of items, the time of placing orders etc.

Benefits of automated KOT system

Facilitates smooth co-ordination –

The digital, cloud based POS systems such as inresto POS, ensures better co-ordination between the chef and the waiter. From the KDS, the kitchen staff can easily make out the respective department of the kitchen to which the order belongs. There is absolutely no scope for confusion, and it also helps the staff to prioritise the orders.

Cuts down wastage of resources –

You no longer have to deal with wastage of food as the kitchen staff clearly knows the exact quantity of food to be prepared. Since the waiters record the orders on POS system, there is no need to write on paper slips. It cuts down wastage of paper and eliminates printing costs.

Increased customer satisfaction and sales –

As with the manual system, customer don’t have to wait for the food for a long time.  The quick processing of orders leads to increased customer satisfaction and boost in sales.

Parting Words

In an era where all the businesses are going digital, restaurants have realised the benefits of automated KDS systems. It offers the dual benefit of quicker order processing and significant cost reduction.

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