Signs To Replace Your Water Heater


Due to your hectic schedule, you may not be aware that your water heater is already experiencing problems. You will know if there is something wrong with the heater as soon as you start getting insufficient hot water or none at all. Immediate attention must be given to the device when you suspect a malfunction because you might be required to buy another unit if you prolong its maintenance and repair.

Common Problems with Water Heaters

Acquainting yourself with the common problems encountered with water heaters is your first step to spotting possible malfunctions.Basic knowledge of how they work also lets you know if the issue can be addressed through simple twitches and turns or if it needs the services of professional plumbers or technicians. The following are some of the common water heater issues experienced.

  • Insufficient hot water – Thishappens if the thermostat is set at a lower temperature or if there is sediment in the tank. You simply have to increase the temperature or have the sediment drained out. If this does not work, you will need water heater services to have your thermostat or your dip tube replaced.
  • No hot water- The circuit breaker or fuse may have tripped. However, in case the problem is more serious, like when the heating element is damaged or the upper thermostat is failing, a replacement is needed.
  • Unclean water- This requires mere flushing and draining. However, if caused by leaking valves, you better replace the damaged ones immediately.
  • Leaks- This can be addressed by tightly closing valve cap but if it does not work, a replacement is required.

Calling a plumbing company when you have water heater problems will help you solve your issues more conveniently and faster. However, you should first assess if the problem is really intense because you do not want to waste your money and the plumbers’ time.

Ways of Maintaining Water Heaters

If you would want your heaters to be used for a longer period of time, then you have to make sure you are going to maintain it. Heaters are just one of the common devices that we use in almost every day especially when it is already the winter season.

Whether you are using an electric or gas heater, you will be assured that you can depend on it to deliver the hot water that you need. But, just like any other device that we have, you likely won’t know that there’s damage until it becomes totally unusable.

Average water heaters could actually last a decade or more if you maintain the device and avoid things that could easily ruin it. There are simple ways that you can do to be assured that your heater will last longer and you won’t need to worry about changing it every now and then.

Always Check the Temperature Setting

It’s best if you are going to spend some time checking the temperature setting of your heaters. There are times that the setting changes because of loose rubber or any problem with its parts. This can result to serious problems like a sudden spikeofheat on the water, which could burn your skin. Thus, make sure to constantly check the settings and its buttons.

Hiring Heater Plumbers

You can also consider hiring heater plumbers to address specific issues. They are knowledgeable enough on the fixes that need to be done and you can depend on them to maintain your unit and make it last longer.

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