Stand At The Top Of The World With Mount Everest Expedition


Mount Everest Expedition is one of the most interesting journeys that you can choose to go for during your holidays, especially if you’re into mountaineering. It goes without saying that an expedition isn’t quite like usual holiday trips. It involves a lot of risks, and it requires a person to be highly skilled, trained and experienced to make it to the top and back. Everest is the world’s tallest mountain, and definitely, it is the dream of every alpinist in the world to one day reach the peak of this great white giant. But that doesn’t mean that this is the job for everyone. Though many have been successful, there are many who have been scarred for life due to their experiences at Everest. And tragically, there have been people who’ve lost their lives in terms of climbing the peak. It is crucial that you look into Mount Everest facts to get to know about all this. Mount Everest facts allow you to attain all the information about this giant, whether you’re an enthusiast who loves the mountain, or someone who is looking to attempt the expedition soon. Mount Everest facts help you prepare for the journey to the top of the mountain and more.

The Discovery of Everest

Mount Everest remained hidden to the world for a really long period of time, almost the entire human history. Even if the people spotted it, it wasn’t identified as the highest mountain in the world. Before it was given the name Mount Everest, it was known as Peak B, and later, Peak XV. During this time, that is in the mid 19th century, Kanchenjunga was regarded as the highest mountain in the world. Andrew Waugh, the British Surveyor of India, and his subordinates were the ones who discovered Everest, and realized for the first time that it was taller than Mount Kanchenjunga. Andrew Waugh was also the person who was responsible for naming the mountain Mount Everest. He named the mountain after his predecessor George Everest, who was the Surveyor General of India before him. There is a tale that says that George didn’t like the idea of naming the peak after him, but after much consideration and convincing, he finally agreed. Now, though the surveyors discovered the highest peak in the world in the mid 19th century, it took them almost a hundred more years to calculate the height of Mount Everest.

The History of Ascents on Everest

It was only in the year 1955 that the height of Mount Everest was declared to be 8848 m by an  Indian Surveyor team. The declaration was supported by the Chinese team in 1975, clearing all the doubts. Quite like the history of discovery of Everest, the one behind the ascents made till date is also fascinating. The earliest attempt to reach the top of the mountain is said to have been made in the year 1924. But as we all know the history, it was an unsuccessful attempt. Also, it was an unrecorded attempt. So, it can’t be said for sure whether it was actually made. The first recorded attempt to reach the top of Everest was made in the year 1953, and it was in the same year when Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Tenzing Sherpa of Nepal were able to reach the top of the peak. Seeing their success, it wasn’t long before mountaineers from all over the world flooded to the region with an intention to reach the top of the peak. Till 2013, around 6800 people have reached the top of Everest successfully. This goes on to prove how popular the mountain is, and what the level of craze among people is regarding climbing the peak.

The Dark Side of Everest

With all the charm and positivities, there is also a negative and dark side of Everest. These numbers don’t include the people who were unsuccessful at reaching the peak, the ones who got badly injured, or the ones who lost their lives in terms of attempting to reach the top of the mountain. There are so many Mount Everest facts that tell the tragic stories of climbers who could never make it back to the base camp. These Mount Everest facts talk about climbers like the Everest sleeping beauty and Green Boots, and areas on the mountain like the Everest Rainbow Valley and the Everest Death Zone. These are the places on the peak where maximum deaths happen, mainly due to the geographical and climatic conditions. When it comes to ascending the mountain, the alpinist needs to be at his best. And one can be the best only when they know all that there is to know, are well-prepared and are careful during the journey. It’s only possible to attain all the knowledge by referencing Mount Everest facts.

If you’re a professional mountaineer, it is quite obvious that you have Everest on your list of mountains to climb, or you have climbed on it already. However, if neither is the case with you, well, you’re missing out on a lot of fun and adventure. It’s a different experience altogether to reach the top of the world. Pride, Honor and Achievement are only the surficial emotions; you attain much more when you successfully complete Mount Everest Expedition. Getting to know about Mount Everest Facts, it is almost unbelievable to realise how much this mountain meant to the climbers who would do anything to conquer it. They didn’t even refrain from putting their lives on the line, and while many of them were successful, the others perished. There is something about the charm of Everest that can’t be explained in mere words. From a distance, the mountain appears majestic; it can simply be referred to as a legend. But little do we know that it is more excruciating and deadly than any spectacle of nature, and this bitter truth is experienced first hand by the climbers. Make sure to be a part of this exhilarating phenomenon.


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