What Having Android 9.0 Does for your Android Smart TV Experience


The smart TV has really changed things for the better. You can do much more than just sit down and wait for your favorite show to start at its scheduled time. Today, you can do a whole lot more than that. You can stream your favorite movies whenever you want, download apps, watch videos on YouTube, and even have a slideshow going on of your favorite videos and photos. With the introduction of Android 9.0, the smart TV experience has gone up to an all-new level.

Here is why having the certified Android 9.0 (Pie) with the Official Play Store is totally worth it.

You have Google Assistant right at your service

For starters, with Android 9. You can ensure you can take the help of Google Assistant whenever you need it. With Google Assistant embedded, users can feel free to carry out all kinds of actions. They can do this with the help of voice commands. This gives you complete control over your device which comes in handy when you are using Android TV or other apps and companion devices. You can also use it certain operator related assistant interactions. This includes deep linking, search, playback control, and recommendations.

You can install apps whenever you want to

With an android smart TV that comes with Android 9.0, you can gain the advantage of downloading certified apps from the play store. All you need to do is install them. Platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Zee5, Voot and many more are available on android tv. This makes it easier to get on top of all kinds of activities you want to indulge in. you can so have your share of the fun with gaming, social media, videos, and even music.

Operators can enhance their business

If you are an operator, looking to invest in home automation, you can use Android Pie to your advantage. With complete integration with the Google Home ecosystem, you have everything well prepared for you. By simply installing the apps, you can be sure that they never separate from the CPE ecosystem. Owing to this, you also do not have to fret and fume as you go through the laborious task of moving to other devices. This includes smart TVs and input sources.

You can obtain direct content partnerships

Since operators can collaborate with renowned players in the field of content streaming, it can open up doors for direct content partnerships. When this occurs, they can provide their apps to users who can then make it part of their tiered subscription packs. You can also find an array of app publishers that offer one-of-a-kind deals. This plays a vital role in helping enhance client fidelity and dissemination.

It can benefit ads

The ad world has seen its fair share of transformation as well. This is particularly true with TV ad budgets that have slowly but steadily moved to online videos. Android TV operators can take advantage of this in a huge way. These professionals can get advertisers by narrowing and filtering their ads. This makes it easy for them to reach the right demographic which offers you a view of the kind of content that captures their attention. This functions as a symbiotic bond that caters to everyone.

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So there you go. Other than this, it can also help with direct content partnerships and even Play movie partnerships where you can take advantage of the best movie viewing experience. All in all, if you are looking for LED TVs online, it pays to make certain you have the Android Pie experience on board with you. This is sure to make certain you get the best, immersive, and result-oriented TV viewing experience that exists. With Sanyo Kaizen Android TV you get the best android TV experience along with a great picture and sound quality.

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