Learning the Ropes of Machine Learning


So you have finally decided on putting in the effort and dedication required to make a career out of machine learning? Well, for starters, that is a good choice. After all, this field is taking over the world. Machine learning is all about studying what is it that gives computers the ability and capability to learn without being programmed in an intricate manner. Here is what you need to know now that you are considering going in for a course in machine learning.

First of all, in order to be successful in machine learning and have a thriving career, it is important to have the skills of representation, evaluation, and optimization. These are the basic elements that generally make it seamless to handle machine learning algorithms.

It is all about generalization

The basic objective of machine learning is to generalize. This needs to go beyond the examples in the training set. No matter how much data we have, it is highly unlikely that we will come across the same examples (data) while practicing. One of the most common mistakes students make is testing on the training data, and having the illusion of success. If the chosen classifier is tested on new data, it is not going to be sure shot and most probably you are guessing randomly.

Get the basic skills right

It is important to understand the math and the application behind it. Whichever method you pick, it is important to practice. You can pick from offline methods or even go in for machine learning online training. This works to build up your basics. You also need to have prior knowledge of calculus, linear algebra, programming, probability theory and optimization theory. These skills are important when going through a machine learning course online.

Classification is key

Classification is linked to the prediction of discrete variables or even a category of data. You can use classification methods to understand whether an individual is suffering from a specific disease or not, whether an email is a spam or not, and even whether a transaction is a fraud or not. You can apply the these methods to resolve classification issues – boosted trees, kernel discriminant analysis, K-nearest neighbors, and artificial neural networks.

Dimension reduction is another aspect

Dimension reduction is all about the reduction of a number of random variables. It is divided into feature extraction and feature selection. Here are some of the methods that can help to solve dimension reduction-related issues – Principal component analysis, manifold learning, independent component analysis, compressed sensing, Gaussian graphical models, and non-negative matrix factorization.

Different types of machine learning

There are various kinds of machine learning. The major distinction is figuring out how the machine works. There are four main approaches to this namely unsupervised learning, supervised learning, semi-supervised learning, and reinforcement learning.

  • Supervised learning is all about training data which has the desired output.
  • In Unsupervised learning, training data does not have clear outputs.
  • Semi-supervised learning has a few desired outputs.
  • Reinforcement learning is an approach that is about rewarding an artificial agent based on what it does.

So there you go. These are some of the things you need to know when you want to go for machine learning. When choosing the best online courses in machine learning, you need to pay attention to your own willingness to achieve success. Above all, see that you enroll in the right training course, one that is respected and comes with the reputation of being among the best courses. With the right foundation and your own innate skills honed to perfection, you can definitely go above and beyond in this thriving field that seems quite promising in the future.

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