What You Should know Before You Get Deep Wave Hair Extensions


Hair Weaves or Extensions are artificial hair integration which add length and/or desired visibility to human hair. Over the years, straight hair has become dull for most and has taken a back seat when it comes to deep wave hair extensions. Deep Wave Hair Extensions can give a different texture and look that has been appreciated with time. Here are some of the popular ones:

A Curly Bun

A curly bun is one of the simplest look yet a very professional style to get you through one’s day at the workplace. The most common one is known as the Low to Mid Height Bun. To make this we have to create a part in one’s leave out and then gather all of the hair at the nape of the neck and pull hair taut to make the base of the hair sleek and then twist the length of the hair. Then, we have to wrap the hair around in a circular motion and secure it with a hair tie. Multiple bobby pins to the side of the bun can be added for decoration. Placing the pins in all different directions in one area of concentration will draw eyes to the front of one’s style.

High Bun

Another popular deep weave hair extension is the High Bun. To make a high bun, we need to brush all of the hair towards the back and gather all of the curls at the top of the head. Then, hair has to be secured at the top by pulling the hair halfway through the ponytail holder. A patterned silk scarf can be put around the hair to add a high-fashion element to the textured bun.

Half Up Half Down

It is the style that gives a full view of one’s face and still shows off the length of the deep wave weave. Firstly, one has to brush the front of the hair and separate the top half from the bottom half and then secure the top half in a bun and leave the bottom half flowing.

Braided Updo

This deep hair weave gives one of the elegant looks! First, we have to separate the hair into three sections. Then, deep wave hair has to be braided up from the nape of the neck leaving the top of the hair out and secure the top with a hair tie. This style creates a waterfall effect!

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Deep wave hair has become increasingly popular in the last few years. With synthetic deep wave hair, one won’t be able to style as one wants and need to maintain the natural style of it. Deep Wave Hair Extensions have been tried out by people of different age groups. The most popular style of deep wave hair is the Brazilian Deep Wave but there are plenty of other styles to choose from. All of these styles showcase the different ways one can wear it and the versatility of Deep Wave Hair Extensions!

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