Why do you have to use different forklifts?


Using forklifts is an effective vehicle in any job site. They are good at handling materials, loading and unloading foods from the trucks. All your goods are safe and you can use forklifts to reach hard areas. The forklifts can be seen in most construction sites, factories, and warehouses. They can carry heavy materials which you need to transport from place to place.

It is necessary that you use forklifts depending on the needs you have. It is essential that all the operators are trained in every type of forklift they use. When they are not totally trained you can always have the forklift hire in Sydney & NSW.

Side loaders

It works in narrow places and has a hard time steering. The side loader is a sideways compartment where you can close, lift and bring the goods all at the same time without turning. It is ideal to use for long loads which are having a hard time managing material like steel pipes or lumber. This is not the best for the usual inventory because this can be used in steel manufacturing and lumber yards.

Warehouse forklift

It is a type of forklift where it is easier to unload and load. This is easier to use in an inventory where they can lift pallets and move to another place in a short distance. The warehouse forklift can carry 1 to 5 tons and it is better to use in an indoor warehouse.

Counterbalance forklift

It is a forklift that people are used to. It can load and unload goods without extending its arms. You will see its stick in front of it where it is easier to do inventory. This forklift is made to counterbalance its weight from the machine. There will be times when the loads are heavier. But with its extra weight in the back, it gives more solidity.

Telescopic forklifts

Sometimes this forklift is called a teletruk or reach forklift. The telescopic forklift is a combination of a crane and forklift. These have extended arms that reach the end and carry materials in higher places.

Industrial Forklifts

It can load heavier goods compared to the normal forklift. Most of the forklifts have a standard weight of 30,000 lbs although they cannot extend or lift at different angles.

Rough Terrain Forklifts

It is being used outdoors or on uneven surfaces. This forklift has thick tractor tires which cannot easily slip on the wet floors or are pierced by nails. The tires help to maintain their stability whenever they bring heavy loads on uneven pavement. You can also see this in construction sites or lumber yards because they can move to high elevations. The weight capacity of this forklift is 6,000lbs and more.

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