Does Robot Vacuum Cleaner Worth the Buy?


The popularity of owning a robot vacuum cleaner has grown since the first robot vacuum cleaners were released to the market. Now, there are millions of smart vacuum cleaners being sold around the world, and the trend continues to grow as the technology continues to develop.

The latest robot vacuums, which are popular on the market today, are called iRobot Roomba 960 and 980. Both of these two models are gaining its popularity as one of the most worth-the-buy vacuum available on the market today. These models can provide powerful cleaning abilities, durability, and convenience.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners vs. Traditional Vacuum 

The hot topic for debate remains whether a robot vacuum cleaner can replace the use of traditional vacuum in a household. There’s no doubt that new released smart vacuum cleaners have tons of good qualities and features that a traditional vacuum cleaner can’t offer. However, there are things that a robotic vacuum cleaner can’t reach, such as upholstery or curtains, which a traditional vacuum can clean by Zoom Properties.

Is It Worth the Price Value? 

iRobot is the most leading brand of robotic vacuum cleaners in the world today. Their Roomba models such as iRobot Roomba 980 vs 960 prices may vary from $300 to $900. For a penny wiser person, the price is not worthy as this will not going to replace the traditional vacuum cleaner fully. But for others who look for the convenience, it offers, $300 as the lowest price is worth the buy.

Plus, as the technology continues to grow rapidly, there will come a time that this robotic vacuum manufacturing company will create a vacuum cleaner that will fit for cleaning the house from top to bottom, curtains, and upholstery without exerting too much physical effort.

But when it comes to being efficient and convenient, robot vacuum cleaners can outshine traditional vacuum cleaners. You can easily program or instruct your robot vacuum cleaners to the cleaning duty for a certain period or schedule. You can also use your Wi-Fi connectivity or smartphone to instruct the robot to clean a particular area.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about electricity. Most of these models have built-in rechargeable batteries. Since robots are smart, after doing a particular cleaning task, they will automatically hibernate to save batteries.

Things to Look For Before Buying a Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

Here are the things you might want to consider before planning to purchase:

  • Battery & recharging time
  • HEPA Filtration for allergies
  • Check if replacement parts are easy to locate
  • Virtual walls
  • Advanced cleaning scheduling features
  • Smart navigation systems, meaning the robot will learn the floor map of your house and will remember your preferences.

The Final Verdict 

The answer to the question written at the start of this article is, “YES.”

A robot vacuum cleaner is a perfect addition to your household, which can provide time-efficiency, less electricity bills, and can clean your house without exerting additional physical effort. Robot vacuums are handy and compact; it won’t consume extra space for storage. Unlike with the usual vacuum cleaner, you need an additional room for their storage, click for more. Since robotic vacuums are created to give convenience to the users, you can instruct the device to clean your house even if you’re away – use its app from your smartphone.

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