How To Choose A Perfect Ring For Your Man


Whether you are planning to propose your man or if he has already said yes and you are searching for a wedding or an engagement ring, it is never an easy task to find a perfect ring. Earlier the option in rings for men were limited to white diamond solitaire ring. But today there is an array of options from men diamond rings to the designer engagement rings. Although, this also makes the task more difficult in a way as now you have to choose from so many options. To find that one ring, you have to visit so many jewellery shops and scroll through the never-ending pages of jewellery brand websites.

An engagement ring or a wedding ring is something that your man is going to wear everyday for years to come. Thus, it must be something that matches his personal style quotient and at the same time looks attractive. For example, if your man is not much of jewellery fan then you must go for some classic sober ring design whereas if your man likes to flaunt his flair for fashionable jewellery then you may experiment around the trendy ring designs. To ease you hunt for the ring here are a few popular ring designs that will make your task easy to choose the right ring with minimal efforts.

  1. White gold solitaire ring – The sparkling white gold with a single stone studded in it is the most basic design which never goes out of fashion. If your man prefers more of classic styles, then this traditional will be a perfect choice. While you also have a choice to go for a ring studded with multiple diamonds, it is suggested that the white gold solitaire ring with one diamond makes a powerful appeal.
  1. Yellow gold solitaire ring –If your partner likes traditional gold rings but you like diamonds, here is a middle way. Go for a yellow gold solitaire ring that comes with an ethnic appeal and the sparkling diamond gives it an edgy look. There are various patterns available in yellow gold ring wherein you can fit a diamond and get your customised yellow gold solitaire ring.
  1. Two-toned solitaire ring The two-toned ring is a timeless piece that is crafted with two metals. There are various options in metals to choose from although the white gold and yellow gold combination remains to be the most classic choice. Consider going for two-toned ring with this combination and a solitaire diamond to elevate its elegance quotient. This ring strikes a perfect balance between elegance and contemporary fashion.
  1. Multiple diamond studded – If your man likes it all gleaming and loves to display his penchant for diamonds then think no more and go for a diamond-studded ring.Choose a metal of your choice and the pattern in which you would like to fit the diamonds. The pattern can be something generic like simple shape or as personal as initial of your or your partner’s name.
  2. Classic solitaire band – If you and partner like to keep it simple yet classic and want to skip the jazz then go for a classic solitaire band. There is nothing wrong in choosing an elementary designed band as no matter how many styles come and go this one is never going to lose its charm. You can choose the band of any metal like yellow gold for traditional appeal or white gold for subtle contemporary look or platinum if you want that sleep trendy look.

A wedding/engagement ring is a declaration of love for that special person, and hence it special no matter what shape, size, metal or budget it is. Choose a ring that you and your partner will cherish for years to come.

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