Is Flying the Only Way to Earn Miles?


For travellers, miles can really bring down the cost of travel. However, for this to happen, you need to make sure that you have enough miles. In this post, let’s examine if flying is the only way to earn miles, or are there other options as well? Let’s find out.

Air miles are the precious currency most travellers relate to. Ask a frequent traveller and (S)he will tell you how important these miles or points are. However, most travellers only resort to accumulating miles while booking flight tickets. While booking flight tickets is a great way to collect some miles, there are many other ways too. Let us look at five such ways that can help you to earn miles.

  1. Shop Online and Earn Miles: Most frequent flyer programs let you earn miles by just shopping on their portal or any of their partners’. This is one of the easiest ways to accumulate some miles even when you are not travelling or flying. While shopping on a program’s portal is a no brainer, some have tie-ups with popular third-party portals as well such as Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, etc. Just make sure you log-in to these portals through your program and enter your loyalty membership number. For every purchase you make, a set amount of points get added to your membership account.
  2. Pay Through Credit Card and Earn Miles: Do you use your credit card a lot for your everyday purchases. If yes, this can be an easy and efficient way to collect some miles along the way. There are two ways to collect miles through this method. The first way is to convert the points of your credit card to air miles of your preferred program. Another and more efficient way is to sign-up for a co-brand credit card that is already partnered with your frequent flyer program. In this, all the purchases made help you directly earn miles on the card, which can later be used for various benefits and booking flight tickets.
  3. Dine Out and Earn Miles: Do you go to dinners often? Next time, do check the place you plan to visit on your air mile program’s website. If the restaurant is partnered with your program, you can earn miles while you relish your favourite meal. However, don’t forget to keep your membership number handy; you will need to either enter it while making a reservation or while you are paying the food bill. And it is not just about miles here, you also may get some special discounts and offers as well.
  4. Book a Spa Session and Earn Miles: Had a tiring work week? Need to relax? Just book a spa session at your favourite spa centre. But before you do that, don’t forget to check with them if they are tied up with your air mile program.
  5. Fill Fuel and Earn Miles: If you are lucky, you may also be able to earn miles for filling fuel at some select gas outlets. Yes, you read that right. Not all, but some programs do help you earn miles by filling fuel. For instance, you can earn InterMiles when you fill fuel at one of many partnered IOL outlets in India. All you have to do is, mention your membership number to the gas attendant while paying.

Sign-up for the Right Air Mile Program and Earn Miles Without Flying

If the program you have signed up for does not give you many options to earn miles other than booking flight tickets, it may be time to change your program. And if you are signed up to one such program, start using these methods to multiple your mile earning potential. Now that you have so many miles how about booking a flight to your favourite destination? Happy travelling.

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