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Guardrail Direct, Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of guard rails, has been at the forefront in providing protective guarding to diverse industries across Australia. The repertoire of the products that Guardrail Direct offer include:

  • Road Safety barriers
  • Motorcycle barriers
  • End terminals
  • Car park barriers
  • Warehouse barriers

A Guard Rail serves a crucial purpose in practically every field it’s used in. Guard rails set up a boundary and dissuade people from stepping into a danger zone or meeting with a mishap. For instance, a safety bollard (vertical, cylindrical-shaped fence that creates a physical barrier), which is a form of guard rails, safeguards site borders and people from traffic. Safety bollards assist with traffic movement management since they are placed alongside buildings, entryways and other spaces to indicate boundaries.

Guard rails are of utmost importance for worksites where employees and workers are directly exposed to high traffic movement, vehicles, etc. They need an extra cover of protection from possible danger of accidents, which a safety bollard created by Guardrail Direct provides.

Qualities that Set Guardrail Direct Apart

Guardrail Direct has been manufacturing as well as handling supply and installation of guard rails all over Australia. The company is basically a family-owned business, unwaveringly committed to the following principles it upholds over everything else:

  • Quality: Every single facet of both, products as well as services it offers, guarantee world-class quality that never fails
  • Affordability: Although its products and services spell top quality, they are very reasonably priced and cost-effective.
  • Personal service: Guardrail Direct makes extra efforts by offering its clients personal service and attention with respect to every aspect reliably.
  • Highly skilled staff: The staff working with Guardrail Direct possess vast experience and knowledge of the latest practices in this field, which they utilise to optimise their performance.
  • Pride in being wholly Australian owned: Guardrail Direct takes pride in its identity of being a true-blue Australian company dedicatedly committed to the nation.

Guardrail Direct operates from Victoria where it manufactures its products, and supplies them all over Australia. The fact that every aspect about all that Guardrail Direct does is authentically Australian makes its owners feel truly proud.

A Closer Glimpse into Guardrail Direct’s Safety Bollard

Guardrail Direct creates high quality safety bollards that offer maximised protection both outside and inside a building. It directs traffic effectively and safeguards properties and resources by amplifying safety and security at a site. The safety bollards perform the important role of guiding with proper direction wherever they are placed.

What makes the safety bollards offered by Guardrail Direct special is that they come in several sizes that make them eye-catching. They are highly versatile and valuable as they are designed to protect buildings, utilities, machinery, people, etc. from accidents.

Besides, the Safety Bollards designed by Guardrail Direct feature galvanised or safety yellow finish which offers visibility to match a building structure’s style. The safety bollards have been designed very ingenuously, which ensures they perform their task smoothly without compromising on quality.

Further, Guardrail Direct’s safety bollards are perfectly suitable to be used in a variety of settings such as warehouse and factories, traffic areas like car park and more.

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