Get Creative with Easy Nail Art Designs


Beautifully groomed nails have become a must-have to complete any look, and the ever-growing popularity of nail salons is a testament to this trend. However, you may want to experiment and showcase your creative side with simple nail art designs for beginners. Whether for a special occasion or adding a little flair to your daily look, these DIY nail art designs are perfect for those looking to make a fashion statement.

Although we all love the monotone colour on the nails, hasn’t it been a while since you tried something different? Try these funky yet easy-to-create nail art designs. We have broken down the techniques into step-by-step tutorials using tools you have at home. So, get designing with the colours you have in your nail paint organizer.

Pastel French Nail

The simple and elegant French manicure may be your favourite nail art pick if you are a minimalist. Did you know you can easily create this at home with scotch tape for assistance?

1. Start with a base coat. You can top it with nude nail paint or leave it with the base coat.

2. Cut a small piece of scotch tape and paste it on the nail exposing only the tip.

3. Paint the exposed area without worrying about precision, as the scotch tape will take care of it. Use white or pastel shades for the French manicure effect.

4. Wait until the nail paint dries, and remove the scotch tape. Please do not remove the tape while the polish is wet, as it may smudge.

5. Seal the nail art with a top coat.

Dotted Spring

With the arrival of spring, we love to wear happy-go-lucky colours like red, yellow, and orange. The dotted nail is an easy-to-achieve nail art design to match your spring wardrobe.

1. Start with a base coat and nude nail colour.

2. Pick up a toothpick and dip the tip in the bright nail paint. You can use the tip for fine dots and the back end for thicker dots.

3. Start dotting from the cuticle and leave space between the cuticle and the dots.

4. Use 2 or 3 colours to create a vibrant design.

Neon Splash

How about a slight variation from the usual neon nails? Let us add an edge to the neon colour with a darker splash.

1. Apply the base coat and different pastel shades on each nail.

2. Allow it to dry.

3. Apply Vaseline on the skin surrounding the nails or use scotch tape.

4. Choose a contrasting colour like dark brown or black.

5. Dip a toothbrush in the nail paint.

6. Use your finger to spray the colour onto the nails. Repeat till you get the desired effect.

Confetti Sprinkle

We all love the sprinkles on the cakes and pops. Flaunt your childish side with these confetti nails. They are best to wear to a kids’ party, and the little girls will rush to take a look.

1. Start by painting the nails in a monotone medium shade of your choice. Double coat if required.

2 . Allow it to dry.

3. Draw the confetti lines with a toothpick or a thin paintbrush.

4. Draw three lines in one pastel shade before you move to the next colour.

5. Use three different pastel colours to complete the confetti.

Holi Hai

We love Holi for the colour splash. Let us create a similar effect on the nails and jive with the Holi vibe.

1. Start with a white base.

2. Take a small piece of sponge and dip it in sky-blue nail paint.

3. Vaguely sponge in by holding the sponge piece using a tweezer. Leave space for yellow and red.

4. Dab in the other colours, leaving some white space.

5. Allow it to semi-dry before coating it with a thin layer of sheer nude. This tones down the vibrancy of the colours and also blends them.

6. Seal with a top coat for perfection.

Marble Manicure

There are several quick tips for doing a marble manicure. Here is a foolproof DIY method to get marble nails without a stamper or water.

1. Apply a white base for the nail art design.

2. Apply Vaseline or tape the skin around the nail.

3. Add blobs of white, black, and a bright shade (like pink or blue).

4. Place a piece of thick plastic over the nail paint and tap gently to mix the colours.

5. Remove the plastic and clean the edges with a flat brush dipped in a nail remover solution.

6. Swipe in the top coat.

Rainbow Nails

We wear nail paint for the love of colours and the positivity it spreads. It is a delightful feeling to have the rainbow colour effect on your nails without spending hours at the nail parlour. This colourful nail art can brighten up your day.

1. Apply two coats of white nail polish for the base.

2. Take a square piece of sponge approximately the size of your nail.

3. Swipe the rainbow colour nail polish on the sponge.

4. Dab the sponge on the nails and repeat if required to get the optimal intensity.

5. Top with a matte sheer coat.

Striped Sparkle

How about a fancy glitter nail design with precise geometry? This nail art is a pure balance of glam and precision. It might seem time-consuming but absolutely worth the effort.

1. Apply two coats of sparkly golden glitter nail paint and allow it to dry.

2. Use nail art stripes or cut thin strips of your scotch tape.

3. Use a tweezer to place the first strip in a slight slant from the tip of the nail.

4. Stick in four or five more strips parallelly, leaving a gap in between.

5. Use a thin colouring brush to add a thick layer of pastel shades to the gap between two alternating strips.

6. Allow to dry before removing the strips.

We have suggested the best colours to suit each nail art design. You can use your choice of colours to create stunning nail art designs to make your fashion statement. You can also do all nails in monotone and highlight one with these simple nail art designs for beginners. You can also try tira’s stick-on nail art kits.┬áDo read more blogs and explore products available on tira.

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