How are Stories Beneficial for Kids?


Irrespective of our ages, we all love stories, don’t we? Stories are so much more than a mere collection of thousands of words. They are loaded with emotions, life lessons, morals, fun and what not! Here, let’s talk about how stories are proven to be beneficial for kids.

We agree that stories are fun but how can they be beneficial? If that is what you are wondering, don’t worry. You will very soon know about the benefits of English stories for kids. But before that, let us see what are the most famous and frequently-read types of stories for children.

What are the major types of stories for children?

Stories for children which are quite frequently read by young readers can be divided into a few sections. They are-

Fairy tales: Rapunzel, Snow White and the seven dwarfs, Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin, etc. are some of the most loved fairy tales of all times which children enjoy to read.

Bedtime stories: Ugly Duckling, the Frog Prince, King Midas and the Golden Touch, the Ant and the Grasshopper are some of the bedtime stories loved by one and all.

Akbar-Birbal stories: The foolish Thief, Pot of Wit, Hens and Rooster are a few famous Akbar-Birbal stories.

Tenali Rama stories: Tenali Rama stories are funny and witty stories from the life of the protagonist Tenali Rama.

Moral stories: Some of the most popular moral stories for kids are the Lion and the Mouse, Tortoise and the Hare, the Boy who cried Wolf, Belling the Cat.

Stories from Panchatantra: Panchatantra tales are told to and read by children extensively. Panchatantra stories for kids are a way to teach them good values and wit simultaneously. The Loyal Mongoose, the Monkey and the Crocodile, the Lion and the Rabbit, Stork and the Crab, etc. are some of the most admired stories from the Panchatantra.

Above are the types of stories that allure kids and encourage them to read. Now, what are the benefits of reading stories for kids?

Benefits of Reading Stories for Kids

1. Different worlds

Stories introduce kids to different worlds, plots and experiences.

2. Disparate characters

Tales for children are filled with characters who exhibit different types of behaviours. Through their characters, stories teach children what behaviour is considered good and what is regarded as bad.

Moral values and manners Stories teach morals, good values and manners to kids through their plots and characters.

1. Cultural understanding

Kids get a better understanding of their culture when they read stories as the stories are written keeping in mind the set cultural beliefs and traditions.

2. Imagination Prowess

Stories enhance imagination prowess in kids. The more they read stories, the more they try and learn to imagine situations in their mind.

3. Creativity

Reading stories refines creativity skills in the young minds.

4. Focus

When one listens to or reads a story, he/she will be completely immersed in that story. The entire attention has to be on the story to get the best out of it. So, stories build better concentration levels and focus in children.

5. Linguistic Skills

Stories work on the overall developments of a child’s linguistic skills- from reading to writing to vocabulary.

Those were some of the direct benefits of stories for children. To know more about the other benefits and get lots of amazing learning resources for your children, visit BYJU’S!

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