What Can Be Done To Prevent Soil Erosion


Cultivating in eroded soil is a practically impossible task. In order to grow, the roots need to find nutrients in the soil, otherwise they will dry out in a matter of a few days, as soon as they have used up the nutrients they find in the substrate that they have attached to them.

Soil stabilization Dallas helps you take care of your soil. Therefore, it is very important to avoid erosion, but if it is already eroded, do the following:

Put Organic Compost on the Ground

In nature, plants receive everything they need as organic matter decomposes. In a garden this also happens, but on a much smaller scale, so small that it is not often enough for it to supply itself. For this reason, it is very important to fertilize it , at least two or three times a year with organic fertilizers , such as manure, worm castings or guano, among others.

Protect the Soil from the Sun

Pine bark, decorative stones or gravel are three of the best ways that exist so that the soil does not receive so much the impact of the solar rays. In addition, they also allow us to have it much better decorated.

Put Plants in Your Garden

The plants will help, with their roots, to prevent the soil from eroding, because by remaining anchored to it, all the land around them will always remain fixed where it is . For this reason, it is highly recommended to have tall hedges that border the land, and shrubs of different heights so that the place looks healthy and beautiful.

Build Retaining Walls

If you have a terrain with a lot of inclination, the most advisable thing is to build retaining walls. These will prevent the soil from eroding.

What are the Causes of Soil Erosion?

Now that you know what measures you can take to prevent the soil from eroding, you may be interested in knowing precisely what are the causes of soil erosion. In this way, it will be even easier for you to ensure the fertility of your garden or future garden.

There are different causes, which are:

Water erosion: it is caused by the movement of water, either by rain, river currents or swamps, or the sea.

Wind erosion: the blow of the wind on the ground and rocks gradually erodes and gives it shape.

Chemical erosion: occurs when there are changes in the structure of the rock, as a consequence of alterations of the alterations of water, oxygen and / or carbon dioxide.

Gravitational erosion: is what occurs when, for example, rocks fall, remaining in the lowest areas.

Erosion by temperature: high temperatures cause the soil and rocks to end up cracking, and low temperatures, on the contrary, what they do is freeze them.

Erosion caused by humans: occurs when a forest is deforested, agriculture or intensive grazing is practiced, and to a lesser extent with artificial irrigation.

Thus, soil can be eroded either by natural causes, or by human causes. In addition, if you have your plot in an area where it already rains little, if you do not take good care of the land, it will end up losing all its nutrients.

We hope these tips are useful to you.

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