How to Extend Life of Industrial Machinery


Adequate maintenance of industrial machinery is often overlooked, but it is necessary. Incorporating the best inspection and maintenance tips will ensure the machine’s life is extended and does not malfunction in the production process.

What are the best tips to extend the life of industrial machinery?

Constant lubrication

An industrial machine is comprised of moving parts such as the rollers. Due to constant movement, the pieces are prone to wearing out. Lubrication ensures the moving parts have the right fluid to prevent mechanical wearing out.Installation of heat transfer fluid will assist in better cooling of various parts of your machine or vehicle.

Also, ensure you inspect any parts that are leaking and producing excess oil and grease. To obtain optimal results, provide you select a good lubricating fluid.

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Scheduled maintenance time

Every industrial machine needs to have regular maintenance after a few weeks or months. The intervals of inspection depend on the frequency of the machine use. If you use the machine for longer periods, it is reasonable to schedule a maintenance process every month.

The maintenance ensures that there is early detection of any fault in the machine. You can repair the defective part early or replace it before it causes irreversible damage to the device.

Clean the machine regularly

The build-up of dirt and debris will prevent the proper functioning of the machine. Regular cleaning ensures parts such as filters do not have a build-up of accumulates that prevent proper operation. Also, ensure that the environment in which the device is stored is clean and dry to prevent rusting.

Training on the operation of the machine

Most problems result due to improper operation of a machine. Since most manufacturers of industrial machinery provide manuals with precise instructions, ensure you educate your employees on proper maintenance. Also, when purchasing a machine, ensure the manufacturer guides you on how to handle the device.

Since most industries face employee turnover, it is important to educate the new employees entering the company. If the manual guide is paperless, acquire the most recent and relevant procedure manual to prevent mistakes in using the machine.

Check for any defective parts

Defective parts may appear frequently; for example, components that are not aligned with the rest of the machine’s parts. Faulty parts are very dangerous since they can lead to fires or accidents while running the machine. Defective parts also slow down the functioning of the machinery.

Avoid overworking the machine

Another way to extend the lifespan of the machineis to ensure that the machine functions within its limits. Every device has its production capacity and forcing it to outdo its capacity will lead to faster wearing out of the machine. Ensure you use the tool depending on the manufacturer’s specifications on its capacity.

Also, machines are built to perform certain production processes. If you force your device to operate the unintended production process it will lead to your equipment breaking down in the process.


The only secret in prolonging your machine’s functionality is ensuring regular inspections, servicing the machine, and using the tool as per the required guidelines.

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