Improving Sleep through changed habits— Your Quick Guide


If you are one of those of who can doze off the moment they rest their head on the pillow, know that you are god’s favorite!

But if you toss and turn endlessly in your bed and think of all the significant as well as insignificant stuff when everyone around you is fast asleep, we understand your struggle.

Even though most of us are aware of where we are going wrong, we do not know precisely how to make the correction.

So here are a few simple tips to improve your sleep habits so you can wake up with a new lease of life every morning.

Top Tips to improve your sleep habits

1. Have a fixed sleeping time

This might sound easier said than done but that is where the challenge lies. Try to fix the sleeping and waking up for every day – including holidays. Doing this will help you to set your body’s natural clock and you will wake up with much more liveliness and energy.

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Body’s natural sleep cycle is also called ‘the Circadian rhythm’ and taking advantage of it comes with several other benefits like improved digestion and a better lifestyle in general.

 If you are successful in following the circadian rhythm of your body or its natural sleep cycle, you will notice that you will start feeling tired by the same time every night. And you will wake up at the same time in the morning even without an alarm.

2. Take care of your nutrition

What you eat, especially towards the second half of the day has a huge impact on the quality of sleep you will have. Here are a few things to remember in this regard:

  • Avoid caffeine or caffeinated products post 4 in the evening.
  • Reduce the intake of fluids by the start of the evening.
  • Ensure that you have meal that is easy to digest and lets you sleep light.
  • Avoid food items that are sugary or have refined carbs.
  • Wrap up your meal sessions at least two hours before you hit the bed.

3. Avoid the use of screen before bedtime

We all have heard enough about the adverse effects of exposure to the screen just before going to bed. And still, most of us have tamed ourselves into the habit of dozing off while the television is still on and the remote just gives up finally.

Minimizing the use of gadgets, technology, or screens that emit blue lights, at least one to two hours before bedtime can do wonders for the quality of sleep you are about to have.

Do not just say no to television but also bid goodbye to the unnecessary socializing on social media apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram that can keep you triggered up in the middle of the night.

4. Create the right ambiance

The place where you sleep should have an inviting ambiance so much so that you should look forward to sleeping well in time. Invest in a comfortable mattress that speaks luxury; cover them with soft, cotton, colorful bed sheets. Get soft and comfortable memory foam pillows to complete the feel of affluence every time you hit the bed.

  • There are several pieces of research that have proved how having a comfortable mattress can affect the quality of sleep. Remember that you spend one-third of your life sleeping, so investing in high-quality mattresses is the most intelligent thing you can do.
  • Place some indoor plants such as chrysanthemums, money plant, or ferns in your bedroom. These are known to be excellent air purifiers and also make the place cooler.
  • Use dark curtains to keep out any kind of light from disturbing your sleep.
  • Use a fragrant candle or a mild air freshener or air diffuser to complete the effect.

5. Learn to unwind

While all the above tips let you take care of what is happening outside, you must do a few things to control what is happening inside you.

Indulge in a few practices such as deep breathing, meditation, or listening to soft music to unwind yourself.

There are also several applications that assist you to sleep well. You can make use of them as well.

More than anything else – learn to give time to self. In this age where there are stress, anxiety, and despair everywhere you see, having time for yourself is a luxury. And when you invest in this luxury, you are bound to sleep peacefully.

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