Steve Sorensen Select Staffing Offers Few Woodworking Tips And Tricks


Staffing is a major management function that deals with the process of hiring, motivating, and retaining the best possible staff members at a company. Steve Sorensen Select Staffing mentions that this function involves ensuring that company employees are put on a job where their talents and skills can be best utilized, so that they can offer high value to a business and help it to achieve its organizational objectives. Steve Sorensen was the former CEO of the Select Family of Staffing Companies. He is currently associated with Esperer Holdings, LLC, which is also a firm that participates in the staffing industry.

No company can function without its employees, and staffing plays a major role in ensuring that a firm has adequately qualified and dedicated workers that can help it to grow and prosper. Steve Sorensen Select Staffing points out that this management function focuses on using and maintaining manpower in a manner that the core objectives of a business can be achieved both effectively and economically. According to Steve Sorensen, there are many factors that make competent staffing a crucial aspect of any company. Here are a few of them:

  • Facilitates control: Only well-trained workers who have been employed in positions perfect for them would be able to help in a company to progress towards the relevant organizational goal. They shall aid in reducing the deviations in performance as well, subsequently making it easier for the managers to control diverse organizational functions.
  • Optimum utilization of human resources: For the purpose of getting optimal output from all the staff members, it is important to make sure that the staffing function is performed in a competently. The staffing procedure deals with training the workers in a manner that they are able to deliver the best quality of output, and are always motivated to work hard for the company.
  • Long-term implications: In addition to hiring, retaining employees is also a major aspect of good staffing. Steve Sorensen Select Staffing hence points out that this function can have quite long term effects on a company. Well-qualified, dedicated, and hard-working employees can even remain at an organization for multiple decades if they are appropriately compensated and motivated.
  • Efficiency: The staffing function considerably deals with placing the person with the right knowledge and skill-set at a certain position. Identifying the core skills and talents of a prospective employee, and subsequently hiring them at a position where their skills would be needed the most goes a long way in enhancing the efficiency of various organizational activities.
  • Motivation: Staff members of a company can be motivated through both financial and non-financial incentives. While financial rewards are vital, recognition, acceptance and compliments from the managers also act as great motivation forces for the employees. Good staffing ensures that the best talents of a firm get both financial and non-financial incentives to stay motivated, and do not think about leaving the organization.

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A robust and well-defined staffing process is vital for any major company.

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