Ram V Chary Talks About the Process of Catching Tuna


Tuna is an extremely popular fish. It is among the hardest fighting fish in the world, and tends to be prized for its meat. Tunas are highly thrilling to catch and amazing to taste. This is the reason why many people get into the hobby of fishing for tuna, including Ram V Chary. He is really fond of boat fishing for tuna. Tuna can be found in the same fishing grounds as most of the other coveted fish species. Tuna is a warm-blooded fish species, and is hence is usually found in tropical and temperate waters. They additionally are endothermic, which means that they can maintain their body temperature in cooler waters, and even ocean environments.

Tunas are built for speed. They have a unique missile-like shape that allows tuna to be super fast hunters. Their oxygen rich blood and physiology gives tuna their pinkish to deep red tone flesh. This meat is considered to be extremely delicious, and is loved by many around the world. In many ways, tuna fishing can be a puzzle for the beginners. They have to firstly understand how to rig lures and bait and set a spread. To have productive offshore days, proper water temperature, food sources and clarity is also important. Rods are not going to bend over if the baits are not dragged in the vicinity of the fish.

Being a Boston resident, Ram V Chary typically tries to catch Bluefin Tuna. This fish is mostly is caught with the usage of Trolling Squid Bars. A variety of Lures and Daisy Chains is also used for this purpose. Many fishermen and hobbyists ideally make use of chumming, chunk bait and live bait to lure these fish to the hook. Tuna Jigging and Popping methods are also pretty popular in Boston. These essentially are Big Game rods and reels with line weights of 100 pounds. Most of them have customized stand up rods in them.

According to certain researches, tunas follow a diel pattern in-depth distribution. This basically means that they spend more time in mixed and surface layers at night, and subsequently head for the depths during the day. Hence, even if one may not see much of an action at night, they might experience a lot more fishing action in the late hours. After the sun goes down, the bait rises to the surface and the hungry predators follow. Choosing the right live bait can go a long way in increasing the chances of catching tuna. Blue Runners are among the most popular live baits used today owing to their abundance and hardiness. Herring, on the other hand, is a popular prey and hence a great bait. Flying fish, if available, make a good live alternative for drift fishing. One needs to plan for multiple hook-ups when trying to catch tuna. It is unwise to slow down right away to fight the first hook-up. Tuna are school fish, and hence by continuing their trolling speed one may catch a lot more fish.

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