Reddy Kancharla Provides An Insight On The Skills and Qualities of a Good Civil Engineer


Civil Engineering is among the oldest branches of engineering, and the professionals related to it have always enjoyed high demand in the job market. Civil engineers ideally carry out tasks related to conceiving, building, supervising, operating, constructing, and maintaining infrastructure projects and systems in both private and public sectors. Reddy Kancharla points out that civil engineers ideally enjoy a quite dynamic scope of work, which can range from municipal projects to large scale constructions. However, to be optimally successful in their field, civil engineers need to have certain important skills and qualities.

Civil engineers are professionals who have to deal with the design, construction, and management of constructed, as well as natural environment. Their quality of work tends to have quite a major impact in the daily life of people, and hence it is imperative for all civil engineers to be adequately skilled and talented. Reddy Kancharla says that civil engineers should ideally possess quite an expansive skill set, which ranges from cost accounting to geology. Mr. Kancharla is an engineer with more than two decades of experience in civil construction and geotechnical consultation. His years in this industry have made him an ideal candidate to discuss the vital qualities and attributes of a good civil engineer.

No matter the exact details of their role, as per Reddy Kancharla civil engineers usually have to manage various complex projects. To increase their competency, many of them specialize in particular areas of construction, such as geotechnical, hydraulics, structural and environmental engineering. Systems engineering is also gradually emerging as a distinct field of civil engineering.

  • Technical Skills: Civil engineers should have quite advanced technical skills that are based on the subjects of mechanics, physics and mathematics. Knowing to code has also become vital for such contemporary professionals. Civil engineers must have the capability to approach various engineering challenges in a systematic fashion, while effectively capturing the major factors that affect the success of a project.
  • Oral Communication Skills: A civil engineer must carefully listen to the clients, understand their requirements, and try their best to deliver the project based on their major priorities. These professionals need to effectively communicate complex technical information to various people they interact with and work with. Many of the important people related to construction projects might not be engineers themselves. It is the job of a civil engineer to make these individuals understand the diverse engineering complexities involved in the project at hand.
  • Organizational Skills: Civil engineers often work on several projects at once. Hence, they must be able to carefully organize project information, allocate resources, and ensure proper team management for each of them. Civil engineers should additionally have a good eye for detail, and must be able to identify and rectify small issues before they become major problems.

The skills underlined above can help any civil engineer to progress substantially in their career.

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