Reddy Kancharla – The Role of a Geotechnical Engineer in a Construction Project


Geotechnical engineers study and research the soil to assess its suitability for a construction foundation. They investigate and evaluate sites, execute lab tests, plan designs for the structure, look after the project, and create and deliver reports. The career prospects are lucrative, and there is a lot of growth opportunity in the field too.

Reddy Kancharla is a renowned and widely esteemed geotechnical engineer in the USA with over 25 years of experience in the field of civil engineering. He holds a Master’s degree in the subject and has ten years of valuable expertise in senior management posts. His talent and skills are sought after in complex projects like deep and shallow foundations, bridges, residential and commercial buildings, Earth retaining structures, and more. He is based in New York and has supervised many successful construction projects here and in New Jersey, USA.

Study of the ground underneath the structure

When it comes to the subject of geotechnical engineering, it refers to a specialization within the field of civil engineering that engages the investigation and the comprehension of what lies underneath the surface of the ground. Engineers who specialize in geotechnical engineering projects evaluate how geological formations might have on building and construction projects. They deploy advanced expertise of mathematical and scientific processes to assess the formation of the ground underneath and around the commercial, industrial, residential or industrial structures and buildings.

Why is the site investigation important before a construction project begins?

He says a geotechnical engineer’s role is vital as most of the construction work of a building takes place on or under the ground. It is simple for anyone to realize how geotechnical engineering plays a vital role in civil engineering projects. Before the work commences, the engineer must conduct a site investigation. In case this investigation is not conducted on the site, the possibility of failure of the project can have detrimental consequences on safety and budget.

What is the primary job role of the geotechnical engineer?

Geotechnical engineers maintain and guard the Earth’s physical environment during the construction of private and public projects. They combine their design and civil engineering construction skills to investigate and analyze the sites safely to determine what their present and future stability are. Projects like the above generally engage key changes to the environment physically, which might involve tunneling and constructing primary structures like dams, bridges, buildings, towers, and runways for airports.

Reddy Kancharla sums up by saying that you should possess a distinct character and personality if you are interested in becoming a geotechnical engineer. You need to be investigative as a professional and be inquisitive, introspective, and intellectual. You also should be methodical, rational, analytical, and logical. There are some construction projects where you need to be social, generous, and logical. Moreover, you must ensure that you have the proper training and experience in the field. Be open to new learning opportunities, and working with top managers and professionals in the field helps you hone your skills for a successful career ahead.

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