Steven Rindner Talks About The Importance Of Having A Good Business Strategy


All businesses, no matter their size and scale or the industry they operate in, require a good strategy that outlines the shared goals specific to their company. Steven Rindner mentions that a well-defined business strategy is essential for the success and sustainability of any commercial venture. Without a proper business strategy, a company shall end up lacking efficiency and direction, which would ultimately hamper their growth and profit prospects. An effective business strategy does not only outline the goals of the company, but it also marks the reasons behind those objectives and the means a company must take to achieve them.

In the words of a layman, a business strategy would be a documented plan that marks how an organization aims at achieving its goals. Steven Rindner says that this strategy tends to feature a set of principles that marks the paths that a company must take to achieve those goals. It would ideally explain how to deal with the competitors, provide an in-depth understanding of the needs and expectations of customers, as well as examine the long term growth and sustainability of the organization. A business strategy additionally aims at remedying the weaknesses of an organization, to make sure that the company does not suffer too significantly due to them. These strategies take into consideration the future risks that might be faced by a business and mention ways that can help in overcoming those obstacles.

A well-defined business strategy shall additionally provide the managers with an insight on how their business is performing internally, as well as against their competitors. Here are a few of the important elements of a business strategy, as mentioned by Steven Rindner:

The main competitors: Prior to starting any business, one must evaluate their major competitors and try to find ways to gain an edge over them. They should try and understand the operations and strategies of their competitors, and identify methods to improve on them. Most importantly, a business strategy should underline the elements that can help a company to stand out from the crowd.

The target market: The key to any successful business venture is to know the target demographic, as well as what makes them tick. A business strategy should clearly mark the target audience of a company; point out their expectations and requirements, as well as the ways a company can help in meeting those concerns.

The growth plan: Whenever formulating a business strategy, one must ask themselves where do they see their company in one, five or even ten years’ time? Setting the future goals of their organization is vital for measuring the success of a business, and can play a major role in enabling people to develop a practical, progressive and sustainable strategy.

A proper business strategy would create a vision and direction for the whole organization, and help all the people involved with the company to progress in the same direction.

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