Menos Hiras Marks a Few Valuable Pointers On Becoming Professional Basketball Players


People tend to engage in a variety of sports from an extremely young age, soccer and basketball being the most common ones. A few of them even end up making their careers in these sports. Menos Hiras mentions that there are a host of advantages of opting to become a professional basketball player, whether it is in regards to health, career, money, fame or self-development. Any person that is truly passionate about playing basketball and is good at it must surely try to make a career in it.

Every year, a number of new athletes are drafted into professional basketball. Coaches, recruiters and scouts tend to assess the ability and potential of amateurs based on diverse criteria to understand whether they have what it takes to play professional basketball. Menos Hiras mentions that while thousands of young players dream of playing on the professional level, only the one putting in consistent hard work and efforts manage to succeed in this sphere.

If someone is good at playing basketball and practice continuously, they may have what it takes to join some of the best players in the country. Menos Hiras underlines a few pointers that can help people to become a good basketball player:

Learn the rules: One should try to learn the rules of basketball like the back of their hand. The better they know the sport; the better shall be able to play it. Only a person with good knowledge of basketball shall be able to have a grasp to what to expect in a match and how to work on potential problem. Many scouts additionally try to check if a player has a good basketball IQ during the selection process.  The basketball IQ of a player would imply to their understanding of the game, how it’s played, and their ability to read the flow of a match.

Get in shape: Aspiring basketball players must try to get themselves in the best shape possible. They must work out at the gym regularly to boost their fitness levels. It is important to note that even the less skilled players can beat the more experienced ones if they manage to outrun and outlast their opponent.

Dribbling speed: If a player finds themselves having to concentrate or focus on their dribbling too much, then they must understand that they are not good enough to go pro. To be a professional basketball player, one must be able to feel where the ball is at all times, have perfect control over it, and have an extremely good dribbling speed.  The dribbling skills of a person can only improve after sufficient practice.

In addition to the elements mentioned above, aspiring basketball players must work on their shooting skills as well. They should ideally try to take a look at the games of the best basketball shooters of all times and model their actions.

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