Top Phuket Holiday Tours:


Most of the Indians like to go for international tour packages, and Phuket tour emerged as the best international holiday destination at Indian Prices. Vacationers buy Phuket Holiday Packages, as Phuket offers beaches, wildlife, adventure, and watersports bundled in one trip, Tourists need not go for separate trips to get varied travel experiences. A budget Phuket holiday can be planned for less than Rs 40000/- from India due to its proximity to India.

These finest Phuket tours are definite to add flavor to your holiday with a great range of adventure and fun. Phuket trip has so much enlightening and fun-filled that a strong tactician is required to get it all done. A Phuket tour must include all or few if the following in their Phuket Holiday itinerary.

We examined and handpicked these overwhelming tours that vary from the island- sailing in Phang Nga, hopping across Phi Phi or riding All-Terrain Vehicles on the island’s eastern beaches and more, to offer tourists an idea of what to expect.

Find something that fits your adventure and sightseeing craving, via our range of Phuket’s best tours.

1 Speedboat Tour ToPhi Phi Islands

Go on a morning Phi Phi Islands tour by a private speedboat and spend a day enjoying the most stunning sights in the South of Thailand around these very famous and beautiful islands. Phi Phi island tour is a must-see activity in all the Phuket Holiday.

This tour takes you to such first-rate locations as Maya Bay, made famed by The Beach film, as well as Monkey Beach and Viking Cave. You’ll even enjoy a lavish foreign lunch buffet on Phi Phi Don. The downside of speedboat sailing is that you can get even further than other options from one tourist point to the next. 

2 Sea Kayaking InPhang Nga Bay

Sea kayaking, another must-do activity, in Phang Nga Bay offers you a special, personal view of this beautiful part of the world. The beautiful islands and caves of calcareous nature are a miracle to look at. These little kayaks are the ideal way to get up close, through the smallest water streams and into stunning underwater lagoons that any larger boat is not available.

At its best, you’ll be provided with fantastic views of nature. You will also be brought to the best tourist points on a large cruiser, such as Panak Island, Hong Island, and the iconic James Bond Island, which will then carry you to kayaks to discover each one.  

3 Express Ferry Boat ToPhi Phi 

A tourist may go to Koh Phi Phi island by is the perfect mix of cost and speed to explore the gorgeous island bliss between Krabi and Phuket by fast ferry cruiser.

This short and swift short trip can be experienced expediently and easily while experiencing the scenic views of the Andaman Sea with free snacks and refreshments, all before entering the ferry terminal for your Phi Phi adventure launch. Write more here… 

4 Phuket City Heritage Tour

This guide to the southern part of Phuket Island will highlight most of the main sights, offering you a pleasant half-day tour of the beaches, heritage houses, and views. You’ll also be enlightened with a bit more understanding of Phuket’s history and culture by seeing the significant sights and by using the English-speaking guide.

The travel involves a tour of the stunning Wat Chalong-easily Phuket’s most famous temple. It’s as just as stunning as Promthep Point, right at the island’s southern point that you’ll also be enjoying along with Phuket Port and Kata Viewpoint. Write more

 5 4×4 Adventures InPhang Nga And Whitewater Rafting

Phuket town is more than beaches, you can enjoy Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary’s unspoiled rainforest, it offers great scenic views, but also an interesting backdrop for some powerful adventure as you hop down rugged paths and raging rapids.

Apart from exploring the boundaries of your own stamina, the tour often involves a visit to a nearby rubber plantation, so you can see how the components that create the off-road tires, and the rubber boat you’re going to ride, have been made. 

6. Full-Day Cruise Across Phang Nga Bay

The full-day cruise across Phang Nga Bay includes The Guy with the Golden Gun (1974) and Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) film sets. The unspoiled beaches, dense jungles, high limestone islands, and Phang Nga Bay are undeniably spectacular, with various added tourist spots of interest along the way, such as Suwankuha Temple (Monkey Cave), where a mammoth golden Buddha figure sits among many welcoming simians.

You will also explore Koh Panyee’s beautiful floating community, where you’ll catch a lovely Thai lunch.

 7 Sino Heritage Morning Walks Phuket

Phuket Town offers a unique glimpse into Thai rites and local city life, including, ancient markets, antique homes and historic mansions that are still in daily usage.

This half-day tour involves trips to a bustling, the old-fashioned Sino-Portuguese streets, wet market in the Old Town, the Thai Hua Museum, the ancient Chin Pracha Hotel and the first hotel in Phuket, built-in 1929, among other highlights.  

8. Koh Yao NoiFull-Day Bike Tour Koh Yao Island:

The stunning Koh Yao Noi is well-known for its spectacular coastline but it has a relatively unexplored interior. This cycling Phuket tour helps you to cycle through, green rice paddies, exclusive mosques, small fishing villages, and tropical jungles, acquiring an unchallenged view of the area’s natural beauty and local ways of life.

The 35-kilometer journey over healthy and even roads involves an enjoyable Thai lunch and the chance to enjoy some of the native flora and fauna, visit local Hamlet accompanied by an English-speaking guide.

9. James Bond Island Tour

Nothing can beat the feel of showing pictures with our partner, to your mates, in a distant exotic location that everyone knows. If you show pictures from James Bond Island, they’ll be green with envy. The location was, of course, made popular in the film, “The Man with the Golden Gun.” Find the perfect “Bond” pose before joining James Bond Island.

The tour of James Bond Island is a trip across Phang Nga Bay-about 27 kilometer north-east of Phuket. Appreciate huge granite rocks that rise dramatically from the ocean. Paddles kiss the sparkling seawaters as you canoe through mangrove jungles and limestone caves.

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