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Famous Bengali Sweets

Bengalis and their sweets have always been the sweetest thing on the planet. Their sweet dish recipes are super easy to make and will definitely make everyone carve for it, so you can try some easy and mind blowing sweets. You might have heard about some Famous Bengali sweets like Roshogulla, Rajbhog, Malpua, Rasmalai etc. as they found their way to rest of the world but today we are going to explore less popular but yummy Bengali desserts that will leave you mouth-watering. Here is the list of sweets:

  1. Mishti Doi: A well known dessert of Bengal is Mishti Doi. This is a creamy blend of thick milk and jiggery. This is easy to make sweet dishes and can be garnished with nuts to enhance the taste. Chilled dish served straight from the refrigerator.
  2. Shondesh: It is a condensed sweet milk dessert moulded in different shapes. There are many variants of Shondesh such as Chocolate flavour etc.
  3. Payesh: Another toothsome Bengali sweet is Payesh made with thick milk, sugar, rice, ghee along with some Indian spices such as bay leaf and cardamom. This creamy mixture is garnished with raisins and nuts to increase its flavour.
  4. Pantua: Similar to Gulab Jamun, this is a round shaped soft ball served in sugar syrup. It is made with the combination of milk, semolina, ghee, khoya and sugar.
  5. Chomchom: This is an oval shaped sweet roll made with coconut, flour, cream, sugar and saffron. This sweet is served cool garnished with mawa or coconut flakes.
  6. Sitabhog: Another popular sweet in the home of Bengali made with rice. Sitabhog is similar to pulao but tastes This is a sweet rice dish served with gulab jamun.
  7. Kolar Bora: this is a banana based fried pakora filled with rice. It looks similar to aloo tikki but tastes sweet. In Bengali, Kolar means banana and Bora means fried pokara. So as the name suggest, it is a fried pakora with crunchy banana outside and hot and soft ripped banana and rice mixture inside. It is best served with evening snacks and tea.

Best Romantic Cafe in Delhi

Take inspiration from the best romantic cafe in Delhi and plan to open the same anywhere you live. There are a lot of romantic cafes in Delhi with each having something different and special to offer a couple. Since you are free at home, take this time to research and start your own cafe offering a unique cosy feel.

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Home Decor

Take this time to decor your home without spending a penny. There are many ways to decorate your home that doesn’t cost much. You can simply rearrange your home to develop an inviting feel. Make your drawing room much cozier with a pile of pillows. Collect pillows and pile them on sofas in contrast with different shapes and sizes. You can develop a lot of beautiful decorative stuff with just using some waste material available at home such as newspaper, rough paper, old cloths and a lot more stuff.

Watch Movies & TV shows

It’s great to hit the streaming channels and watch the best TV shows and movies. It’s the best time to relax and enjoy as once the lockdown is over, you will not get the time like this again.

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Give time to what you used to love the most

A lot of people are passionate about something but due to their busy schedule, they are not able to give time to their passion. But now it’s the best time to enhance your skills and give time to learn. If you love to sing, dance, paint or play instruments and do not get time to practise then it is the right time to hot your passion.

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